Strategic Planning

The Office of Strategic Planning operates to facilitate cross institutional planning and performance against strategic objectives. We oversee the Strategy & Initiatives portfolio


Strategically relevant news and views from the sector
Macquarie University Annual Conference

The Office of Strategic Planning plans and runs the Macquarie University Annual Conference


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The seven Strategic Priorities which emerged from the Our University: A Framing of Futures project, under which all Strategic Initiatives sit
Strategic planning

The University's executive team has developed a set of initiatives that align with the strategic priorities set out in the Our University framework
Strategic Initiative News

News related to the implementation of Strategic Initiatives across the University
Our key objectives include: 
  • Providing senior leadership support to the Executive Group to affirmatively further the realization of the key themes in the Our University: Framing of Futures strategic framework
  • Reporting to the Executive Group and, through it, to Senior Executive on progress against strategic Initiatives and in meeting the broad targets and agreed objectives
  • Strategic and Portfolio Review
  • Consolidating plans from Faculty and Offices to enable a University Planning horizon of 1-3 years
  • Monitoring performance and quality in Our University strategic initiatives
  • Responsibility for the Macquarie University Annual Conference
  • Vice-Chancellor Analytical Support