Strategic Planning and Information

Welcome to the Division of Strategic Planning and Information at Macquarie University.

Our Division consists of three offices:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Analytics
  3. Memory

Our three offices work with the university community to provide strategic planning and information support. 

We oversee the Strategy and Initiatives portfolio, facilitate cross institutional planning and performance of strategic initiatives, provide analytical insights, deliver surveys and strategic reporting and provide university wide documents, records and archives management. 

Consulting Services

The Strategic Planning and Information Division provides specialist consulting in Strategy, Digital Information and Analytics

Strategic planning

Facilitation of cross institutional planning and performance against strategic objectives 

Our University: White paper

The outcome of the Our University: A Framing of Futures project, which provides a long-term scaffold that allows for development of detailed initiatives

Statutory reporting

Responsible for statistical reporting, change monitoring and providing expert advice


Responsible for undertaking quantitative and qualitative analysis of structured statutory information for management decision making


Administering, reporting and analysing institutional surveys to support Macquarie University's planning and quality improvement processes

Load Planning

Collection and analysis of information to provide strategic intelligence to the University Executive on a range of issues and trends


Management of the unstructured information assets of Macquarie University


Useful documents and links


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