Imagining the Real: Alternative (Arte)facts from Antiquity to the Present Day

13 October 2017 - 14 October 2017

All Day

Museum of Ancient Cultures, Building X5B, Level 3, Room 321, Macquarie University

All pasts are imagined, competing constructs of what should, or could, have been. Present relevance is, after all, the final arbiter of the shape of memory. The authenticity of an object, text, or idea, is constructed by the viewer, and does not inhere within it. As the security of an authentic material past is disrupted by forgery, so too do fake objects bring forth fresh imaginings of past and contemporary experiences, lives, and cultures. Forgeries may be in this way carriers of a more authentic representation of the significance of the past than real artefacts, dependent as they are on affinities with contemporary discourse. Authentication techniques, from ancient processes of legitimisation to modern scientific techniques, and from humanities to scientific approaches, rest on expertises and authorities that are routinely contested.
This symposium examines contested objects from a range of genres and periods; traditional and emerging techniques used to authenticate them; and the discourses of authenticity and modes of knowledge that both enable their creation, and frame competing understandings of them.
Keynote speakers: John Melville-Jones (University of Western Australia) and Årstein Justnes (Department of Religion, Philosophy and History, University of Agder)
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When: 13 & 14 October 2017

Where: Museum of Ancient Cultures, Building X5B 3211, 29 Wally’s Walk, Macquarie University

Time: October 13: 3:00–5:30pm, with a reception to follow
October 14: 10:00–3:30pm

Cost: Free

RSVP: Bookings are essential. Register here.

Sponsored by the Australian Research Council, the MQ Ancient Cultures Research Centre, the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies, and the Macquarie University Faculty of Arts ‘Modes of Communication’ Research Theme.
Photo by Paul Wright

Photo by Paul Wright

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