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Event submissions are welcome for all events driven or supported by Macquarie University. Please refer to the below requirements and content example for event information requirements. We also recommend referring to the University’s policy on writing for the web tips.

Event listings that meet the guidelines will be published within 3 working days from receipt of all the relevant information required for your event submission.

For all event submission enquiries, please contact the Events and Domestic Protocol team via email.

Student events

All student event submissions and enquiries should be directed to Campus Engagement (

Event Submission guidelines

Please provide details on:


2. EVENT DESCRIPTION – limited to a maximum of 200 words.

  • a synopsis of your event that focuses on the elements of your event that are relevant or interesting to a wider audience. Avoid jargon were possible.
  • Further information can be provided on your web page, linked via a ‘find out more’ in your submission (please provide most relevant link details)
  • Content will be edited and published at the discretion of the Events and Protocol team. Our team may contact you for additional information or to confirm information provided prior to posting your event.

3. EVENT IMAGE – attach one high one high-resolution image as part of your email submission.

  • Ensure you have the relevant permissions for use, including the photographer’s credit.
  • Use an image relating to the event or a profile picture of the key speaker/ presenter where available.
  • It is the responsibility of the event organiser to provide this image.
  • The Events and Protocol team cannot publish any event that does not have an image along with photographer credit and relevant permissions.

4. EVENT LOCATION – provide location details including full address (if applicable). Specify if your event has no physical address eg. online forum

5. EVENT DATE AND TIME – provide start and conclusion times

6. KEY TARGET AUDIENCES – select the relevant audiences from the below options:

    • Academics
    • Alumni
    • Business
    • Community
    • Current students
    • Future students
    • International students
    • Media
    • Parents
    • Research Students
    • Staff

7. OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY – Is your event open for the general public to attend?

8. EVENT CONTACT – Provide the most relevant Macquarie University contact details: a full name, land line and email address.

Content layout example:

Event submissions should match the following example in content and layout:

Movies at Macquarie – Animal Kingdom [Formal Event Name]
[Event description] The critically acclaimed Australian film Animal Kingdom explores the story of Joshua ‘J’ Cody and his entry into a world of armed robbery, drugs and murder. Through his eyes we see the relationship between a mother and her sons – violent criminals wanted by the police.After the movie
Hear from Vince Hurley an associate lecturer in Macquarie’s Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism. Hurley will canvas the reality of issues such as:

  • Whether what is portrayed in Animal Kingdom is reflective of the dynamics of a family involved in a life of crime
  • Does a mother, or other family members always know what their children are doing?
  • How far should or do family members go to protect each other from the police?

Hurley joined Macquarie’s teaching staff four years ago after serving 30 years in the NSW Police Force. His outstanding knowledge in a vast range of policing areas and invaluable experience make him the only staff member who has been shot at, stabbed, negotiated with armed offenders, or purchased drugs undercover.

Find out more about our Movies at Macquarie series. [hyperlink to your webpage for more information]

Where: Macquarie Theatre (Building W.24A), Balaclava Road, North Ryde 2109 
Sunday 16 March 
6pm – 9pm 
Bookings are essential, as places are limited. Register now (please provide registration link)  [please provide registration link if applicable]
Free  [provide details on applicable fees]
Free parking permits will be issued to registered guests upon booking confirmation.  [parking details if arranged through Campus Security]
Contact: or call (02) 9850 ####

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