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14 March 2019 - 22 August 2019

Venture Café Sydney connects innovators and entrepreneurs with high-impact programming and interactive sessions. It provides an opportunity for researchers, students and professional staff to build relationships, learn and grow together.

Join the Thursday Gathering @Venture Café, Sydney’s largest weekly innovation experiment. See this week’s program:

Each week people from Sydney’s amazing innovation and startup community gather to enjoy, connect, engage and learn from each other.

3-8pm. Every Thursday. See you there!

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MQ Reconciliation Fundraiser

30 May 2019


Join the University to reflect on and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories, cultures, communities and success.
The National Reconciliation Week 2019 theme is Grounded in Truth, Together We Walk with Courage. All Australians are encouraged to learn, share and grow through the exploration of Australia’s past. Show your support for Reconciliation by attending this year’s Macquarie University Reconciliation Fundraiser event, a great way to consider your commitment to building an inclusive and respectful community.

With two successful Reconciliation Fundraisers behind us, this year the event has been expanded to Venture Café to acknowledge the contribution of our broader community to Reconciliation. The event will be the feature of Venture Café’s Thursday Gathering during National Reconciliation Week and will showcase an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art auction and market stall to raise funds for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholarships, awards for those contributing to Reconciliation in our community and networking with University and corporate partners. The event will also feature a Reconciliation workshop on this year’s theme Grounded in Truth, Together We Walk with Courage and discuss how we can all contribute towards a community that respects and celebrates our shared and unique identities, which will provide a just, equitable and reconciled nation for all Australians.

Reconciliation Workshop
As the Reconciliation Fundraiser is being hosted at Venture Café this year, the event will commence with a one-hour workshop on Reconciliation, led by the University’s Pro-Vice Chancellor Indigenous Strategy, Dr Leanne Holt. The workshop will discuss how we can build meaningful, sustainable, reciprocal relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and become a more culturally safe, informed and responsive community. The workshop will also consider how we create meaningful connections with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, exchange ideas about reconciliation, and forge new collaborations that will have positive impacts on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander success.

Join us for Reconciliation Celebrations
The Reconciliation Workshop will be closely followed by an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art auction, Reconciliation awards and prizes, as well as opportunities to network and engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and programs.

Contribute to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarships
The Macquarie University Reconciliation Fundraiser aims to raise funds for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholarships. With our highest number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students studying at Macquarie University to date, improving access and participation for these students is more important than ever. Many of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students face financial barriers that may impede their studies, so show your support towards our current and future Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students by contributing to our scholarship fund. You can do this by supporting the event’s auction, market stall and raffle.

View and bid on auction items coming soon!

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art auction items will be available in the following locations prior to the event:

  • On display at Venture Café on Thursday 23 May from 3-8pm
  • At the Indigenous Pavilion outside of 6 First Walk from 26 – 29 May

A market stall will also be available selling Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander gifts, jewellery and homewares prior to the event. The market stall will be at the Indigenous Pavilion from 26 – 29 May and at the event on Thursday 30 May.

You are welcome to join us for both the workshop and fundraiser, or just one of the sessions. You can select your sessions when registering for the event.

Register here!

What is Artificial Intelligence in the Modern Classroom?

30 May 2019

This workshop explores artificial intelligence (AI) and its inevitable impacts on teachers and their students in the modern classroom. It clarifies and demonstrates how AI – already pervasive in everyday activities – can support teachers of all subjects to improve learning and teaching and gain awareness of AI in school administration. Our panel of expert speakers will discuss and share their insights on this interesting and relevant modern opportunity.

The course examines the knowledge, skills and values that are the basis of effective and ethical applications of augmented human intelligence in educational settings. On completion of the course, participants will have an enhanced ability to understand and apply problem-solving strategies applicable to a range of intelligent systems.

Projecting forward in the context of a digitally dominated world, the course provides insights into the need for AI literacy for future employment, well being and responsible citizenship, using examples from IBM, one of our partners in innovation. As well as highlighting the potential benefits of AI, the course acknowledges the risks inherent in uninformed, unguided and uncritical uses of this powerful, disruptive technology.

This course aims to promote discussion and sharing amongst primary and secondary teachers of all Stages as they learn to deal with this emerging priority.

The course requires participants to undertake some pre-work online prior to the face to face workshop, as well as share their own reflections following the workshop.

Delivery Mode: Face to face workshop (3 hrs) & Online (2 hrs),

Face to Face Workshop: Thursday 30 May, 2019 – 6 pm to 9 pm

Course opens for pre-work: 23 May, 2019

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