Keeping the campus safe

We want you to feel secure on our campus. Familiarise yourself with our security services and learn how you can plan to keep yourself and your property safe.

Security response services

Our security response vehicle

Macquarie University security services are a highly visible presence in and around the campus precinct. Security staff patrol the University on foot, in marked all-wheel drive buggies and in a security response vehicle. The security vehicle is radio controlled, providing a fast response time to any situation.

You will see our security vehicle:

  • patrolling the roadways of the campus
  • visiting the Macquarie University housing precincts
  • responding to alarms and other incidents around campus.

All our vehicles carry first aid equipment including an automatic external defibrillator and an Oxy-Reviver.

Master Licence: 407602396

Security services officers

Our friendly security staff strive to provide outstanding customer service wherever they are on campus. Security officers patrol all precincts 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and are able to assist with your enquiries.

All of our security officers are trained in first aid, and respond to incidents and events that impact the campus population, including fire alarms, injuries, thefts and reports of lost property.

Accessing security assistance

You can reach security services at various locations both during core business hours and after hours. Security are always present on campus.

Macquarie University has emergency help points strategically positioned throughout our campus. The help points are post-mounted or, in some locations, mounted on University building walls.

View the security map, where help points are shown as blue dots.

Press the red button on the unit to activate a help point. It will automatically connect you with campus security, who you can speak with and request assistance from.

Campus security are able to respond to any emergency, at any time. They are on-site 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

During core business hours, security personnel will be present at a number of ‘green light buildings’ across campus.

See all our green light buildings on the map, including the following locations:

  • MUSE and MAZE, 18 Wally’s Walk
  • Library, 16 Macquarie Walk
  • Property Office, 2 Link Road
  • Security Control Centre, 4 Link Road
  • Vice Chancellery, 19 Eastern Road.

The security officers that are located in the above buildings are available to assist with any type of incident or emergency.

Located at 4 Link Road, the campus security control centre is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Find the security control centre on our map.

The security control centre provides a wide range of vital information about the University. Contact the security control centre on +61 (2) 9850 7112 to enquire about:

  • building locations
  • contractor management
  • core business hours
  • parking
  • security issues or concerns.

Security also has a shopfront in the Library which is open from:

  • 7am until Library closing time, Monday to Friday
  • 9am until Library closing time on weekends.

Visit us in the Library at 16 Macquarie Walk, or call us on +61 (2) 9850 7105.

Campus Security offers a walking escort for students and staff who do not want to walk alone on Campus after dark.

To take advantage of this service, please complete the request for security foot escort form and submit. The Security Control Centre will respond within 45 minutes of submission.  Alternatively, you can call Security on Extension 7112 from a University phone or 9850 7112 to arrange an escort.

Escorts will walk you from any location on Campus to the railway station, campus bus stops, the surrounding carpark areas or any of the University campus accommodation areas.

This service operates every day of the year, from sunset to sunrise.

Your personal safety plan

While Macquarie University has a lower-than-average crime rate, it is always important to take the time to review your situation and develop your own personal safety plan.

Use these questions to help start your planning.

Your on-campus destinations
  • Which building am I going to when I arrive on campus? Do I need to go to any outlying buildings for lectures?
  • Which is the closest car park to the building I am visiting?
  • Do I know the locations of the Help Points placed around the campus, and under what circumstances I can use one?
Your on-campus hours
  • Am I only on campus during the day, or at night as well?
  • Have I checked out the security map, which tells me the best way to walk around the campus at night?
  • Am I able to walk around the campus with other students during the evening hours?
  • Should I request a security escort when moving around campus after dark?
  • Should I use the free night-time shuttle bus to move around the campus and go to the Macquarie University metro station?

Prepare in advance so that you will be well-equipped in the event of an emergency.

  • Register to receive emergency Alerts.
  • Take time to understand the evacuation diagram displayed in the front entrance of each building. Take note of where you should go in the event of an evacuation.
  • Check transport timetables for any service you intend to use, including the free Shuttle Bus. Be aware of how often the service is provided, so that you can minimise your waiting time at bus stops, train stations etc.
  • Encourage your classmates to travel to and from campus together.
  • Consider getting your first aid certificate so that you would be able to help those around you if you were faced with a medical emergency.

Have these contact numbers handy, so you can easily call them when you need them:

  • +61 (2) 9850 9999 – campus security emergency number. Your call will be treated as high priority.
  • +61 (2) 9850 7112 – security control centre phone number.
  • 000 – all emergency services (police, ambulance, fire brigade).
  • TTY: 106 – for people with hearing or speech impairments.
  • National Relay Service – a phone solution for people who are Deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment.
  • 1800 CARE MQ (1800 2273 67) – Macquarie University health and wellbeing support.

Stay as calm as you can when making an emergency call.

Lost and found property

All lost property is to be handed into campus security who will record and store the item for two weeks. Valuable items will be forwarded to Eastwood Police station after seven days.

Reporting of lost items can be done at any time by:

When collecting lost property, you must prove your identity by showing photo identification.

Property that is considered to have been stolen can be reported to:

Both services operate 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

If you have found someone’s lost property, you can hand it in to the Campus Security shopfront in the Library at 16 Macquarie Walk.

The item will be recorded and you will be asked complete a form and provide:

  • your name
  • your contact details
  • the location where the item was found
  • a description of the found item.

Other elements of campus security

Macquarie University parking is controlled under a set of by-laws and regulations, all of which are detailed in the parking website pages. The requirements are clearly signposted around the parking areas of the campus, these are routinely enforced by our traffic and parking officers.

Macquarie University promotes compliance with our parking restrictions across campus. View numbers and types of parking spots on the parking map.

Macquarie University integrates the latest technology into our security processes to help maintain a safe campus environment. We have comprehensive coverage by CCTV cameras that are installed in key locations across campus. The vision from these cameras is monitored in the security control centre.

In the event of an emergency incident taking place within the campus precinct, the security control centre becomes the campus emergency control centre and coordinates the first response of the University’s Emergency Management Plan.

Members of the Emergency Control Organisation use the facilities based at the security control centre during any type of emergency, including:

  • fires in buildings and bushfires
  • severe weather events
  • bomb threats
  • power, water and lift failures
  • chemical and biological accidents
  • violent offenders on campus.
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