New units – Library resource requirements

New units – Library resource requirements

New units, courses & specialisations – identifying Library resource requirements

New unit and course proposals include an assessment of Library resource requirements as part of the curriculum management system (MQCMS) workflow.

The MQCMS provides a field to enter this assessment as part of the Unit Overview and Viability stage.

The resource requirements assessment should include:

  • whether the Library’s current collection of books, journal articles, and other information resources will support the scope and aims of the proposed Unit or Course
  • whether additional resources will be required, with particular consideration for identifying early whether any new databases or journals are required
  • whether there are any considerations to note around online access to resources for units taught online

The Research Librarian for your department can assist you in assessing these resource requirements and helping you plan ahead for their role in the delivery of the Unit/Course.

In addition to ensuring that you will have the information resources to support the Unit, consultation with your Research Librarian or a Learning Adviser will ensure that you have identified Library and Learning Skills services available to you that support the academic, information, and digital literacy learning outcomes of the Unit.

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