Evaluating information on the internet

Evaluating information on the internet

Information found on the internet can come from any source and may not necessarily be assessed or reviewed before it is published. It is essential to evaluate any data found for authority and validity before drawing upon it.

Use the AAOCC model to evaluate any Internet documents you find.


  • Does a statement of ownership appear on the document?
  • Does the site provide contact details - at least a name and email address?
  • Is it the official site of a company or organisation? Is there a copyright statement for the owner?
  • What type of organisation does the URL domain name indicate for the site?
  • What country does the site come from?


  • Can you verify the factual information provided?
  • Are sources given?
  • Are links to other sources given to verify its claims?


  • What is the motivation for publishing the information?
  • Is bias evident?
  • Is advertising clearly differentiated from information content?


  • Are there dates on the page to indicate when the page was written and last updated?
  • Are there any other indications that the material is kept current?
  • Is past material archived and easy to access?


  • Is the page completed, or is it still under construction?
  • Is adequate detail given?
  • How different is the web coverage from coverage in other media?
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