Requesting an ISBN

Requesting an ISBN

Requesting an ISBN

When your work is ready to be published, registering it with an ISBN will help it to be found and purchased. If a Macquarie University entity is publishing the book, or if you are the editor of a collaborative work that is being published by Macquarie University, the Library can help you through the process of getting an ISBN. Just email

What is an ISBN?

ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers) and ISSNs (International Standard Serial Numbers) are unique bibliographic reference numbers used to identify individual books, journals, multimedia and other published materials. An ISBN is not mandatory but it will ensure that your publication is listed in Books in Print. The ISBN identifies Macquarie University as the registered publisher. Other libraries, booksellers and distributors around the world use ISBNs for ordering and stock control, so having an ISBN is an important part of making your publication able to be discovered and available for sale.

Example: Rollin Schlicht : a man for all seasons : a retrospective (Book). ISBN 978 1 741383898

Obtaining ISBNs for MQ publications

The University Library is authorised to allocate ISBNs for Macquarie University monograph publications; books, ebooks, working papers, audiobooks, conference proceedings in print or DVD etc. These ISBNs are purchased in blocks on behalf of the University. There is no cost to the individual requester.

You will need to provide the following bibliographic citation details:

Series: (if applicable)
Publisher: Macquarie University (specify department/unit where applicable)
Publication date (month and year)
Format(s): hardback / paperback / ebook / video / CDROM / DVD / other
Primary subject – refer to the list of subject headings
If available, a JPEG image of the cover (minimum file size 4 KB, maximum 5 KB)
Price if known

Placement guidelines for your ISBN

For books, the ISBN should appear on the reverse side of the title page and also on the bottom of the back cover. The letters ISBN should always precede the number as in the example above.

For disks and videos, the ISBN should appear on the product itself, as well as on any packaging.

More information: Thorpe Bowker - ISBN FAQs

Lodging copies of your publication with the Library and Legal deposit

We ask that you lodge three copies of your publication with the University Library. Two copies will be held permanently as part of the Macquarie University Archive, and the other will be catalogued and added to the Macquarie University Closed Access Collection - University publications.

Please also advise the Library if your publication is to be made freely available online. The relevant URL will be added into the Library catalogue to accompany the details of the print publication.

Legal deposit is a statutory requirement for publications under Federal and State (NSW) legislation. It applies to materials published by Macquarie University. For further information about legal deposit, please see Legal Deposit.

Obtaining ISBNs for non-Macquarie publications

The Library is not authorised to allocate ISBNs for non-Macquarie University publications. For these, please contact:

Thorpe-Bowker Identifier Services
Ph: 03 8517 8349


An ISSN is required for all ongoing serial titles published in Australia. The National Library of Australia is the only agency authorised to allocate ISSNs for journals, newsletters, annual reports etc. The University Library cannot allocate ISSNs. For these, please contact:

ISSN Australia Agency (National Library of Australia)

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