Study space FAQs

Study space FAQs

Limited, socially distanced, individual study spaces are now open.

Who can use the study spaces?

Current students who have a valid MQ Campus Card can access the study spaces on a first come first served basis. When one space reaches capacity students will be directed to the next available space.

If you can study from home, please do so as spaces are limited.

Can I study for as long as I need to or is there a time limit?

Once you are granted entry to study spaces you can stay there until your study, or assessment, is finished if you are following physical distancing guidelines.

There are limited study spaces so please only stay if necessary.

Who decides who is let in to study? Do I need proof I can’t study elsewhere?

If you are Macquarie University student currently studying, then you are able to study or complete assessments.

However, if you are able to study from home then please do not come into campus. The study facilities have been set up for the students who have genuine need, for example due to lack of computer, internet or not having an adequate study space at home.

Is it safe to come to the campus?

Anyone using the study spaces will be expected to comply with physical distancing guidelines. We will also be implementing industry standard cleaning practices to ensure the safety of our staff and students in these spaces. Hand sanitiser will be available.

Students and staff using the spaces will be responsible for maintaining good hygiene practices.

I don’t have a campus card; how do I study in the Library or access the study spaces?

If you haven’t previously had a campus card, when you come to campus let the security staff at the Library door know and they will help you.

You will need to bring a valid government issued photo ID in English (ie driver licence, passport, proof of age card etc) with you.

MUSE remains closed until further notice so Campus Cards cannot be collected in person at present.

Is there a way for me to find out how many study spaces are available in the Library before I leave home?

You cannot be guaranteed a seat. If you can study from home, you should do so.

Are there any food and drink services open on campus?

Yes and more are opening. See what's open now.

Cold food and water vending machines in the Library may be operational where cleaning and good hygiene can be maintained.

Are any other university services open on campus?

There is no change to other services, they will continue to operate online as normal.

What time are the Graduate Hall and Marquee open?

The Graduate Hall and Marquee will act as an overflow study space in case capacity is reached in the Library. They will close at the same time as the Library.

I prefer to study in the Graduate Hall or Marquee rather than the Library, can I just go and study there?

The Graduate Hall and Marquee is an overflow to the Library. Please visit the Library first, if capacity is reached staff will redirect you to the Graduate Hall or Marquee.

Where are the Graduation Hall and Marquee?

The Graduation Hall is at 14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue, the Marquee is located at the end of Eastern Road, between the Graduation Hall and the Chancellery (19 Eastern Road).

Why do I need to have a Student Campus Card to enter the study spaces?

Study spaces are opening to support Macquarie University students who do not have the necessary internet connection, computer or space to study to complete exams and assessments.

These spaces are limited so card access ensures that only students have access.

Security/First aid available?

Security and First Aid will be available on site.

Will there be power points in the study spaces?

There will be limited access to power points in the study spaces and there will be no charging stations for mobile phones or other devices. Very limited power points are available in the Marquee.

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