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Text, photographs and design were prepared by Robin Walsh, and they are based upon research undertaken by him in Scotland in June 1996 and added to progressively, with further visits to Scotland in September/October 2003, June 2005, and June 2009. Extensive use has been made of manuscripts, archives, photographs, and secondary sources available at Macquarie University, in the Mitchell Library (State Library of NSW), the Powerhouse Museum (Sydney), the National Library of Australia (Canberra), and the National Library of Scotland (Edinburgh) and the National Archives of Scotland (Edinburgh). Invaluable advice and assistance has also been provided by Nichola and James Harmer, Gruline House (Mull); Meg Douglas, Aros (Mull); James Howard (Ulva); Jo Currie (Edinburgh); Dr. Michael Nix; Angela Stancer; and Pauline Connolly.

Kate Orman assisted with all aspects of the website design, scanning of images, and the preparation of the maps and floorplans.

Thanks also to Judith Russell, David Hawkes, and Fiona Walker in Macquarie University's Records & Archives Services for access to and guidance in the use of the archival resources available at the University; Dr E.H. Farmer for photographs and background briefing on the history of the parlour room panelling; Mr W. Abraham for sketches and photographs of the house on the Jarvisfield Estate; Dr Peter Stanbury for photographs of the Macquarie Mausoleum; Mr Richard Neville, Mitchell Librarian, State Library of NSW, for advice regarding the Macquarie portraits; and to Vanessa Whight, University of Brighton, for assisting with the maps and floorplans.

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