Emeritus Professor Edwin Judge AM

Emeritus Professor Edwin Judge AM

Professor Judge is one of the leading academic figures in modern Australia. After a brilliant career of studies at Canterbury University, New Zealand, and Cambridge, England, he spent twelve years at Sydney University and contributed decisively to the development of Ancient History as a major subject. He then accepted the inaugural History Chair in the field of Ancient History at Macquarie University.

For twenty-five years as professor at Macquarie, and since then in other capacities, he has inspired excellence in Ancient History and the study of Early Christianity. He initiated a collection of study materials in these fields, enshrined in the Ancient History Documentary Research Centre and the Museum of Ancient Cultures, one of the finest institutions of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. He was instrumental in introducing Ancient Near Eastern Studies, which now embrace the Australian Centre for Egyptology. Professor Judge has also edited, for Sydney University Press, a series of monographs in the series ‘Sources for Ancient History’ and played an important role as editor of the Journal of Religious History – a major international journal produced by Australian scholars.

He is distinguished for his studies on the Roman emperor, Augustus, and for his monographs on the social and structural aspects of early Christianity in the Roman empire, and how the Romans responded to it.

Besides scholarship and teaching, he has served Macquarie University as a department head, an elected member of the University Council, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor. He has contributed to the Anglican community over many years and in many activities, notably as a member of the Sydney Synod. Australia’s public community has recognised his contribution to the intellectual and academic quality of our national life. In 1995 he received the honour of Membership of the Order of Australia, and in 1999 the Australian Academy of the Humanities elected him an Honorary Fellow.

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