What is Macquarie University doing?

What is Macquarie University doing?

At Macquarie University, we recognise that sustainability is both an exciting journey and an essential destination. When we reflect on our actions and the impact of our choices, we are contributing to ensuring a sustainable future. However, we must also take positive action to create real and sustainable change.

  • Sustainability Financing Framework

    The University is undertaking a significant amount of work to build a better campus for the future. Visit here to learn more about our award-winning sustainability bonds that are financing capital building works on campus.

  • M-Power

    M-Power is about creating a movement for positive action. It is designed to empower and engage our campus community to make a difference through targeted sustainability themes, such as the way you travel to campus, your waste practices or how you give back to your community and support those in need. Simple and direct action is encouraged in a fun, yet meaningful way, to reach a measurable, collective impact. This innovative program provides free tools, strategies and support for staff and students to engage with and drive sustainable practices in their daily activities on campus and beyond.

  • Target Better Futures

    Target Better Futures is an accreditation framework designed to help departments and offices work towards embedding sustainability as part of their 'business as usual'. Departments and offices are assisted by Macquarie Sustainability on a journey through three accreditation levels:

    Bronze Target Better Futures accreditation                                   Silver Target Better Futures accreditation                                   Gold Target Better Futures accreditation

    Recognition and reward
    Purpose and vision
    Goals and metrics for success

    Activities are completed to identify what is already happening, clarify their strongest connections and understand their current level of strategic sustainability maturity

    Elements include building an understanding of sustainability, reaffirming purpose, developing a unique sustainability value proposition and a high-level networking map, and determining linkages with existing strategic planning. Strategic planning and developing measurable goals and objectives are undertaken. Gaps in the support systems required for success are identified, and a clear implementation plan is drafted.

  • Education for Sustainability Initiative

    Macquarie is committed to embedding sustainability into all aspects of teaching and learning to ensure our students are equipped to meet the expectations of business and deal with the complexities and challenges of today’s society. The Education for Sustainability Initiative (EfSi) outlines our approach to make this happen.

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