M-Power: Change one trip per week

M-Power: Change one trip per week

I’ll change one trip per week

Carpool, bike ride, switch to active or public transport, or simply commute outside of peak hour one day per week to help ease congestion on the roads and gain peace of mind. For this sustainable transport challenge, change one trip per week and log your trips through Co-Hop for your chance to win an electric-folding bike*

*Subject to competition terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Entrants must be a Macquarie University staff or student
  2. Registration is free for Macquarie University staff and students
  3. Entrants must log two weeks (14 consecutive days) of trips via the Commute Calendar function in Co-Hop. For days that staff and students don’t come to campus, including weekends, one of the “Day Off” options must be logged for those days so that 14 consecutive days are logged.
  4. The Commute Calendar log must include two trips (one in each week logged) of a non-regular travel mode (this includes carpool, vanpool, transit – bus, transit – rail, bicycle, walking, jogging, telework (work from home - *This option also applies to students studying from home on a day they usually attend campus)
  5. Entrants must log their 14 consecutive days as per the above criteria for any two-week period during the following time frame: Monday 1 May 2017 – Friday 30 June 2017.
  6. Review the full terms and conditions

Download the full terms and conditions

Studies show it’s good for your brain to do something different. Challenge your synapses by taking a different form of transport or a different route home. For example, if you drive every day, challenge yourself to take an active form of transport, such as riding or walking part of the way.

Co-Hop is Connect Macquarie Park's new transport planning and ride-share matching tool that rewards you and your buddies as you commute. Free for Macquarie University staff and students, you can use the system to find alternative routes to campus and even match with bike buddies or find or start a carpool.

Ideas for changing one trip per week:

Active transport

Walk, ride or even skateboard home! If you live within a five kilometre radius of Macquarie Park and North Ryde, you can cut your commute time in half by riding your bike during peak times. If you don’t know the way, you can also use Co-Hop to match with other bike riders and commuters to help you map out the journey.

Did you know?

Macquarie University has bike hubs, bike racks, bike repair stations, showers, lockers and filtered drinking fountains to provide facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

Public transport

Take some time to read a book or learn a language while you give your car a break. Check out Co-Hop to plan your public transport route.


Get a ride with someone once per week and get to know someone from your local community. Co-Hop makes it simple to arrange safe, friendly carpooling and ride sharing to and from the Macquarie Park area. It helps you find people local to you who can easily fit in with your travel times and the way you want to commute. You can even choose your Co-Hop buddy according to your preferences and profile. For example, you can edit your personal preferences (such as willing to offer a lift or looking for one, or smoker or non-smoker).

Did you know?

At Macquarie, carpoolers can get access to 11 priority parking spots on campus? Carpooling Parking Permits are available to carpoolers who drive to campus in a vehicle with two or more persons. The permit allows you to park in priority carpooling locations on campus. Visit mq.edu.au/about/contacts-and-maps/getting-to-macquarie/car/car-pooling to find out more and apply.

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Mixed mode

If any of the above transport options are impractical for your whole trip, why not consider mixing up various modes of transport? For example, you could ride to a station and get the train or vice versa. Or you could carpool with someone part of the way, then get the bus or walk and get those steps up. Check out Co-Hop to plan your mixed-mode travel.


Commute outside normal work hours or consider mobility substitutes, such as telecommunications or delivery services.

Did you know?

The average cost to own and operate a car in Sydney is $419 per week. So using active transport, public transport, carpooling and mixed-mode transport to avoid those costs is a smart financial move!

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