I'll support farmers by eating local and seasonal food

I'll support farmers by eating local and seasonal food

local growers/food manufacturers and bolsters our local economy. Farmers are really the back-bone of our society - not a day goes by where we don’t rely on their hard word!

Harvest Hub helps empower communities to take control of their food supply and reducing their reliance on big supermarkets. Harvest Hub is a social enterprise providing local and Australian fresh, seasonal produce & groceries. On campus, this is done through the Saturday market outside the Sport & Aquatic Centre (9am - 2pm), or through customisable produce bags available at two Hubs on campus:

  • MACQUARIEU01 SUSTAINABILITY - pick up on Tuesdays between 12 - 4.45pm from the Sustainability Cottage, 9 Hadenfeld Ave
  • MACQUARIEU04 BIOLOGY - pick up on Wednesday between 9 - 10.30am from the Biology Tearoom, 14 Eastern Road, Room 280

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