Workplace Tips

Workplace Tips

Top 10 Tips for a Sustainable Workplace

Some simple and effective ways for improving the sustainability performance of your workplace:

  Try catching public transport, walking or riding to work instead of driving - after one week save 50kg of CO2 (for 15km commute).
  Turn off the lights when not in your office - after one week save over 5.4kg of CO2 per fluoro.
  Turn off your computer when you leave work - after one week save 15kg of CO2.
  Buy a timer switch for your instant water boiler so that it is off overnight - after one week save 52kg of  CO2. Timer switches cost around $12, and it will pay for itself in a little over one week!
  Turn off the printer at end of the day - after one week save 6.5kg of CO2.
  Use reusable water bottles and fill with tap water or filtered water on campus instead of buying bottled water. Choosing tap water is not only good for your budget, it's an important way to reduce our impact on climate change. In Australia, bottling water created more than 45.7 thousand tonnes of CO2 in 2009-10, excluding the significant amounts of CO2 produced in the transportation and refrigeration of bottled water. Watch The Story of Bottled Water for more info.
  Take the stairs instead of the lift - after one week save 3kg of CO2 (0.1kg per trip) and improve your health and fitness at the same time!
  Use a 'KeepCup' or coffee mug instead of using disposables. You won't save energy but - do this from now on and you'll only produce 1/30 of the volume of waste you would with disposables over the years - and that saves stacks of CO2.
  If you make your cuppa in a kettle, only boil as much water as you need to - after one week save 0.5kg of CO2.
  Set your printer default to print double-sided and - do this from now on and cut your office paper consumption by up to 50%.

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