Turn Off before take off

Turn Off before take off



Reduce energy consumption over the break

Macquarie University is one of the top 200 energy users in NSW, producing approximately 30 545 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year from electricity use alone. These gases trap heat in the earth's atmosphere, which leads to climate change.

The graph below shows that heating, ventilation and air-conditioning requirements account for the main sources of greenhouse emissions from a typical building, being responsible for 63% of all emissions, while lighting (21%) and office equipment (12%) are also significant sources of emissions.

Energy usage breakdown

We can help avert climate change by reducing our energy consumption both here on campus, and at home.

Turn off before take off

With the University in shut down a few times a year, including Easter, Christmas and public holiday long weekends it is a perfect time for all of us to do a few simple things to save energy, cut costs and reduce greenhouse emissions over the holiday breaks. Macquarie Sustainability are asking staff to think globally and act locally - by turning off all unnecessary appliances over the holiday period.

These small individual actions can make a big reduction in the University's environmental impact:

  1. Unplug all office equipment -computers/monitors/speakers/televisions/fans/mobile phone chargers and power supplies for laptops
  2. Unplug all kitchen equipment including kettles/coffee machines/microwaves/toasters and sandwich makers etc
  3. Turn off the lights
  4. Consult with your supervisor or Macquarie Property (Extension 7145) if you are not sure about switching off certain devices such as specialised equipment.

The simplest plan is for everyone to switch off their own lights and equipment, with the responsibility for common equipment and lights being the responsibility of one or two 'switch off' monitors who will be the last to go on leave.

Did you know? Most electrical equipment and devices continue to consume power when they're switched off. These appliances never truly switch off unless you turn them off at the plug. 'Standby power' is the energy that your appliances consume when idle and makes up 10% of our energy bills. Turn off at the wall to avoid paying for this "vampire power".

Get involved

  • Table 'Turn Off Before Take Off'' at a team meeting - download the Team Meeting Cheat Sheet which has key messages and information to raise with your fellow staff;
  • For common office items such as multifunctional devices, zip hot water boilers etc please identify which staff member will be the last to go on leave and be responsible for turning them off;
  • To notify staff of what has already been turned off for the holiday break please use the 'I'm off for the holidays' note on any shared office items
  • Circulate the email template to staff in your Department/office to remind them of what to turn off before they leave for the break
  • Display the 'Turn Off Before Take Off' poster in key locations such as meeting rooms, lunch rooms etc
  • Thinking about having a fridge clean out and turning it off? See the tip sheet about this.

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