Seasonal greetings

Seasonal greetings

Informing this campaign was research conducted by post-graduate Environmental Management Practice (ENVS844) students about how to empower our community to eat seasonal and local foods. Locally produced, seasonal foods are generally less expensive, more flavoursome and nutrient rich as they are harvested at their natural peak.  Local producers are also more likely to reinvest their profits back into the community, further strengthening the local economy and providing added food security. 

Seasonal greetings infograph

*statistics from October to December 2015


Money for Jam was a local food rescue project Macquarie University was involved in, which assisted local farmers - the Vella's from Peats Ridge. The Vella's were facing the prospect of losing their entire strawberry crop due to winter damage, but were able to still generate income from the crop through this project:

Get involved

There are many ways to get your team, family, or group of friends involved! Some ideas include hosting a pot-luck or supporting one of the many ways to access local, seasonal produce right here on campus. Download the cheat sheet or the powerpoint slides (complete with notes) to present to your team and get your seasonal food journey started.

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