Kindness gives birth to kindness...

- Sophocles

An inspiring new trend is spreading from one corner of the globe to the other, and - surprisingly for this day and age - it's not digital. "Act of Kindness cards" are being distributed by a range of movements around the world, and has reached us here in Australia. This movement is all about doing small acts of kindness to brighten up someone's day. We are getting behind this kindness revolution at Macquarie University by distributing 'One Act' kindness cards to encourage a ripple effect of goodwill and thoughtfulness across campus.

Get involved

A 'One Act' card is something you give to a recipient of your act of kindness. If you're really conscious about resource use, you don't need a card to do something for someone else. There are so many ways to participate in the ethos of One Act. You could pay for someone else's coffee, leave a flower or a thoughtful message on a colleague's desk or bake a cake and leave it in the lunchroom for staff to enjoy. See some random acts of kindness done by Macquarie staff and students here. Be as creative as you like with your idea for spreading acts of kindness. Your act of kindness may be anonymous if you wish! The choice is yours.   

The receiver is encouraged to 'pay it forward' by doing something kind for someone else and passing on the 'One Act' card to another person...and so it goes on. These acts of kindness can perpetuate thoughtfulness and consideration among our campus community. Contact us to order some One Act cards today.

Kindness on campus

Share your One Act story with #mqOneAct.

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