Co-Hop is Connect Macquarie Park's new ride-share matching tool that rewards you and your buddies as you commute. Free for Macquarie University staff and students, this M-Power promotes smarter transport planning and carpooling. This is what was achieved from March - May in 2015:


*statistics from March to May 2016

I'm in

Use the cheat sheet or the powerpoint slides (complete with notes), and the call to action here, to engage others in celebrating and/or changing their travel behaviour:

  • Join Co-Hop. It's free and you'll access other great benefits like discounts for GoGet and BicycleNSW memberships).
  • Change one trip per week. Car pool, bike ride, or simply commute outside of peak-hour to help ease congestion by 5-7% and gain peace of mind.
  • Spread the word. Encourage and motivate staff, students and the Macquarie Park community to join Co-Hop. Use this image on social media and in newsletters.
  • Record it and be rewarded! Log your trips in the Co-Hop system and reap rewards!
  • Inform future planning today. Be council's eyes and ears. Love or hate your commute? Contact your local MP and share your experiences.

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