Critical thinking

Critical thinking

Unit: Philosophy - Critical thinkingConvenor: Dr Albert Atkin

Embedding sustainability in this unit:

  • Having students stop and question more frequently how things appear helps change their approach in the future.
  • Having students think of themselves as social actors
  • The process has to be dynamic - am I achieving what I want with this, do I need to make any changes? Teaching is a reflective practice:
    • For example, consider the frame in which students think of issues. In the unit, we talk a lot about issues such as abortion. The topic of abortion is framed almost completely in terms of a debate in the US in the 70s, which isn't so relevant for us now.

An example of an assessment:

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Students are given a set of constructed resources such as a press release from a right wing group about banning the burqa and further information including crime reports. They have to write a report for a government minister and in the process look at what it means to be a Muslim in Australia and find the gaps between media reports and reality. It is fictionalised, but the interaction they have develops skills they can take out to the world.


On the framework and support:

Sit down with the sustainability team to give you some ideas. Some good examples and some informal mentoring. Coffee and insight. There is a good body of resources already within the university.

Sustainability lines up with what we are doing: going through TEQSA reviews shows how much sustainability lines up with unit level and program level learning outcomes.

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