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What is it?

Governance is the act of governing. It is the system set up to administer the standards, policies, processes, architectural frameworks and target metrics of an organisation, and manage stakeholder expectations. Governance is an important part of the management and leadership processes, particularly when considering the scale of change we are undertaking towards sustainability.

Why is it important?

Governance is a key enabler for creating a culture of sustainability, through its ability to provide guidelines, controls and frameworks for sustainability in an open and transparent system. Good quality, efficient and correct processes and systems are vital for progressing through the change required to achieve sustainability.

What are we doing?

Our approach

The approach taken to embed sustainability into the practices, processes and performance of the University is based on the Learning in Future Environments (LiFE) framework. 

Find out more about our approach and the LiFE Framework...

University strategy

In 2013, the University community came together to define our long term aspiration and the elements that will make our impact truly distinctive. From this came Our University: A Framing of Futures, the strategic document to providing guidance for our work ahead. Within this document, our commitment to the principles of sustainability is clear.

Sustainability strategy

The Sustainability Strategy lays out the systemic approach to be taken in response to Our University: A Framing of Futures and it's commitment to embedding the principles of sustainability into all that we do. Drafts of this document were circulated amongst key people for comment before being circulated to a wider audience for feedback. The result of this work provides the direction for Macquarie University with regards to sustainability up until 2019.

Sustainability annual report

The Sustainability Annual Report is based on a calendar year performance and provides information on our progress towards sustainability. Whilst we recognise that sustainability encompasses three main aspects being the environment, social and economic factors of an organisation, the report focuses primarily on the first two Details pertaining to the University's detailed economic performance can be found in the Macquarie University Annual Report.

Policies and procedures

Several policies and procedures have been developed or reworked to include principles of sustainability including:

Each new or modified policy is developed through consultation with staff and students on campus. The participatory process involved is critical to the acceptance of and adherence to policies that will guide sustainability measures at Macquarie.

Embedding sustainability into key systems

Sustainability Representative Network (SRN)

The Sustainability Representative Network (SRN) comprises sustainability champions from all departments and faculties across campus, and provides an avenue of communications between Macquarie University Sustainability and staff. The SRN provides education and awareness concerning sustainability into the various faculties and departments of the University.

The Sustainability Representative Network is supported by the Vice - Chancellor and the Director of Human Resources, with representatives receiving formal recognition of their role on the Network, and appropriate time off to attend meetings and capacity building workshops. Macquarie University Sustainability supplies the essential support to the SRN (eg. information, education materials, training, meeting and network facilitation) in a form that is appropriate to enable the representatives to adequately fulfill their role. The role of the SRN is directed towards achieving the University's sustainability objectives.

Sustainability Induction Modules

All new staff are required to undertake two online sustainability modules as part of their induction to the University. The modules are designed to be fun and engaging and provide our staff with opportunities and resources to learn more about sustainability, and their role in sustainability at Macquarie University. If you have an iLearn log in, you can access the online modules through the Community Units section of iLearn.

What can you do?


  • Check out Sustaining our Future 2015-2019 PDF, 911.55 KB.  Introduce the document at a department meeting and discuss what your department can do to assist in reaching targets and goals. Contact us for assistance or to pass on ideas or initiatives
  • Have Sustainability as an agenda item at your next departmental meeting. Use this as an opportunity to start a conversation on how to make your department more sustainable!
  • Complete the Sustainability Induction Modules through the Community Units section in iLearn.
  • Ensure your department has a Sustainability Representative Network representative.
  • Suggest your department get involved with Target Sustainability, the strategic alignment accreditation program run by Macquarie Sustainability.


  • Review and discuss the Sustaining our Future 2015-2019 PDF, 911.55 KBwith fellow students or your lecturers. Consider ways that you can assist us in achieving our goals and objectives. Contact us for assistance or to pass on ideas or initiatives.
  • Keep an eye out for opportunities to participate in discussions with the University about what should be happening on campus with regards to sustainability.
  • Join an active committee or student group that represents sustainability - either environmental or social sustainability. Campus Experience has information on all the student groups currently affiliated with the University.

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