Rainforest Trees

The east coast of New South Wales and southern Queensland has a number of different rainforest types from dry temperate through to subtropical. The Biological Sciences garden features a number of trees and shrubs from these ecosystems.

Akania lucens – Turnip Wood
Alectryon coriaceus  - Beach Bird’s Eye
Brachychiton acerifolius - Illawarra Flame Tree
Brachychiton discolor – Lacebark
Buckinghamia celsissima – Ivory Curl Tree
Castanospermum australe – Queensland Black Bean
Ceratopetalum apetalum – Coachwood
Cupaniopsis anarcardioides – Tuckeroo
Davidsonia pruriens – North Queensland Davidson’s Plum
Decaspermum humile (D. parviflorum) - Silky Myrtle
Diploglottis campbelii  – Native Tamarind
Endiandra compressa  - Whitebark
Ficus microcarpa – Hill’s Weeping Fig
Flindersia brayleyana – Queensland Maple
Glochidion ferdinandi – Cheese Tree
Lepiderema pulchella  - Tuckeroo
Melicope bonwickii – Yellow Euodia
Melicope elleryana
– Pink Flowered Euodia
Paraserianthes toona
– Acacia Cedar
Pittosporum undulatum – Native Daphne
Sloanea australis – Carrabeen
Syzygium wilsonii – Powder Puff Lillypilly
Toona ciliata  – Red Cedar

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