archived 20131516

archived 20131516


August 2015

A meeting of pioneering minds

  • On Thursday 24 September the Macquarie Theatre foyer will open its doors to all, to showcase the work of several key strategic areas of the University and provide staff with the chance to interact, ask questions and share their ideas.
  • "Cross-disciplinary teams across campus have been hard at work developing and delivering projects that support our values and strategic priorities," said Director of Strategic Planning, Associate Professor James Rabeau. "The exhibition will be an opportunity to shine the light on some of this great work and provide staff with a look at some key initiatives in development."
  • Exhibitors include:
    • Campus Master Plan
    • Health research projects
    • Macquarie International
    • PACE
    • Research Framework implementation

Fewer bounces of the ball

  • A crucial element of our student experience is access to wellbeing and other support services, accurate advice and referral - processes that were identified for streamlining by members of the Student Engagement for Success strategic initiative last year.
  • Now, following the implementation of a Business Process Improvement Initiative (BPII) that pinpointed key opportunities for improvement, the University has developed a set of resources, standard processes and tips for staff in front line roles to enhance how students are referred across campus to our varied support services.

Connect More

  • Learning and Teaching Week is our annual celebration of learning and teaching at Macquarie, and offers our community the chance to discuss the ways in which staff, students, alumni, industry and community partners, and the broader society, connect with resources, research and expertise.
  • "Macquarie's Learning and Teaching Strategy (White Paper) will be one of a number of topics expected to draw much discussion during Learning and Teaching Week," said Dr Theresa Winchester-Seeto, Head Curriculum and Academic Practice Group, Learning and Teaching Centre. "The White Paper will be the blueprint on how Macquarie can further connect with industry leaders and ensure our graduates access quality employment opportunities."

July 2015

Have your say: Help transform our website

June 2015

The talk of the town (hall)

  • Last week, staff from all corners of the campus gathered to share in discussion at the Learning and Teaching Green Paper town hall, and provide feedback to inform and develop our Learning and Teaching Framework.
  • "The Town Hall meeting was a very engaging event which provided some great feedback. Following both that event, and the wide range of consultation meetings, the reference group is keen to progress the conversation via this addendum" said Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) Professor Sherman Young.
  • Access a copy of the addendum, or access a copy of the Green Paper

May 2015

Clear skies

  • Last week staff and higher degree research students were invited to imagine Macquarie in 2024 at the Research Weather Report 3.0 event, and learn more about our growing research profile.
  • "We need to conduct research that changes the world," said Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Sakkie Pretorius. "In 2014 we celebrated fifty years, now we look forward to 2024 and further develop our institutional and cultural legacy of research excellence."

Activating enrolment

  • Following the implementation of a Business Process Improvement Initiative to streamline our offer to enrolment process, Macquarie is rolling out a new coordinated and tactical approach to student recruitment in Session 2.
  • The process, which encompasses an offer to study, offer acceptance, initial enrolment, unit choice, and enrolment into classes, was reviewed as a Lean Methodology Rapid Improvement Event (RIE), to address inefficiencies and produce a plan to streamline the process for domestic undergraduate and postgraduate course work students.

The conversation is open

A new era of development

  • In the first phase of a 10-year plan to holistically address the lifecycle of campus buildings and infrastructure, Property will launch the renewal of E7A on 9 June .
  • "Our plan is to create a vibrant and sustainable campus through upgrading services and by adopting contemporary approaches to the design of workplace and learning environments," said Property Director, Mark Broomfield.

Framing of Futures gains momentum

  • The implementation of initiatives from Our University: A Framing of Futures continues in 2015 with a number of projects completed with many others making steady progress.

Putting policy into practice

  • In 2014, the University embarked on a review of its Policy Framework, to establish the whys and wherefores of policy and procedure at Macquarie. Following consultation with key stakeholders across campus, a new Policy Framework was recently endorsed by the University Executive and approved by University Council.
  • "This review has resulted in a new approach to policy development and approval at Macquarie," said Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students and Registrar) Deidre Anderson. "This is a significant achievement for the University, and ties in with Our University: A Framing of Futures Strategic Priority 7: Improving aspects of our support services."

Aligning experiences for pathway students

  • With the commencement of the new College Director Jake Garman earlier this year, work on the establishment of the University's new pathway college has stepped up.
  • "Macquarie University's innovative approaches to learning and teaching and its life-transforming student experience will inform the development of the College's new pathway programs," said Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor John Simons.

Research Weather Report 3.0

  • Four months have passed since the implementation of the Strategic Research Framework began. Now, Professor Sakkie Pretorius, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), will update the University on the implementation of Macquarie's research vision.
  • Please join Professor Pretorius in the Macquarie Theatre on Tuesday 26 May, 1pm-2pm as he outlines the Strategic Research Framework underpinning Macquarie's accelerating research performance. Register your attendance.

April 2015

The end of another ERA

  • On Thursday 9 April Macquarie successfully certified and completed its 2015 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) submission.
  • "Developing the best possible submission for ERA is one of the top priorities for the University," said Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Sakkie Pretorius. "This has been a real team effort and I would like to thank everyone who played a role in helping us finalise this significant piece of work."

Celebrating our finest

  • The 2015 Research Excellence Awards will showcase the University's Strategic Research Framework (2015 - 2025) and is one of many initiatives working towards bringing life to our ten-year research framework.
  • "We are very excited to align our Research Excellence Awards with the Strategic Research Framework (2015 - 2024)," said Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Sakkie Pretorius."We are committed to celebrating research across the range of disciplines at Macquarie and feel this shift in alignment will better capture areas of research strength and productivity."

And gladly wolde he lerne and gladly teche 

  • Released last week, the Learning and Teaching Green Paper is designed to spark collegial discussion on Learning and Teaching at Macquarie and encourages everyone to engage with its ideas, and provide feedback to inform and develop our final Learning and Teaching Framework.
  • Access a copy of the Green Paper

March 2015

€1M for new International Research Partnership

  • The German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) has awarded 1 million euros to support the development of a trilateral strategic research partnership between the University of Hamburg (Germany), Macquarie University and Fudan University (China).

A new start to the end process

  • Key HDR process improvements have occurred in direct response to Objective 2 in the University's Strategic Research Framework, which aims to ensure HDR support services enrich the research experience and enable research goals.

Brand new day

  • The public-focused aspects of the Macquarie University website, including our homepage, now show off our new visual identity thanks to the joint efforts of staff in marketing and IT.

February 2015

Industry expert appointed Centre Director

  • Professor Mark Gabbott, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE), has announced the appointment of Dr Henry Cutler as Director of the Macquarie University Centre for the Health Economy (MUCHE).

Your campus - the big picture

  • Director of Property Mark Broomfield couldn't be busier; he's overseeing around $60 million worth of campus development projects this year. "The projects are a mix of upgrades and expansions of our teaching and research facilities, as well as some far-horizon works that will improve the day-to-day student and staff experience of being on campus," Mark says.

Welcome on board

A vision for 2015

  • Welcome to the new academic year from the Vice-Chancellor, Professor S Bruce Dowton, 2014: 50 years Still different, A new identity for Macquarie University, The shape of things to come and 2015: From planning to action.


December 2014

Moving forward

Bringing our brand to life

  • Following the successful internal launch of the University's new brand positioning in September, staff across the University have been busy preparing for 15 January, when our new Shared Identity will be introduced to the public.

November 2014

Introducing the Macquarie University International College

  • Macquarie announced that from 2016 our own pathways college will be established, initially catering to International students replacing a long-standing relationship with the Sydney Institute of Business and Technology

October 2014

Distinction from Complexity: Macquarie University's inaugural Annual Conference

  • Held in Macquarie Theatre on 3 October, cross-disciplinary teams from across campus presented their progress on projects that support our values and strategic priorities at the inaugural University Annual Conference: A Framing of Futures.

Strategic Research Framework 2015-2024

  • The Strategic Research Framework 2015-2024 is the first of the seven strategic priorities described in Our University: A Framing of Futures to be brought to life as a fully-fledged framework. The framework charts the course for Macquarie's research over the next ten years, 'aimed at accelerating and propelling our research performance to even greater heights'.

Celebrating Research Excellence

  • The 2014 Research Excellence Awards were held on 2 October. At this event the Strategic Research Framework 2015-2024 was launched, as well as the Research Impact book, World-Leading research; World-Changing Impact 50 years of research excellence at Macquarie University.

Good neighbours

  • More than 20 senior executives from our campus and research park precinct met the Vice-Chancellor and other members of the University leadership at a networking event on campus. The event provided an opportunity for our neighbours in the local technology and business corridor to find out more about
    each other, and the broad range of expertise that can be tapped into on campus, contributing to the University's strategic priority 4: Creating an innovation nexus where Macquarie and our partners contribute solutions to the world and develop lasting relationships.

September 2014

Our new Shared Identity

  • The relationship of our Shared Identity to our other strategic priorities was defined by the Vice-Chancellor at the Shared Identity launch event.

Engaging for student success

  • 'Student Engagement for Success' is the latest Our University: A Framing of Futures initiative to come online under strategic priority 1: A culture of transformative learning in a research-enriched environment. Click above for more information.

Looking forward by reclaiming the past

  • The outcome of the Shared Identity project will be presented to all staff at an event on 16 September. At this event a refreshed positioning will be revealed  that accurately captures the narrative of our creation, history and future direction, and a new visual identity to reflect

Framing our future at the inaugural Annual Conference

  • The inaugural University Annual Conference: A Framing of Futures is a one-day event where the University community can see how far the Framing of Futures process has come, what is coming next, and how to become involved.

Can we teach less and learn more?

  • Read about the questions Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) Professor Sherman Young is asking in the lead up to Learning and Teaching Week, to inform the Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework.

August 2014

Digital record enhancements

  • Coursework students who started their studies this year are the first cohort to have a student digital file from enrolment. This project supports Strategic Priority 7 of Our University: A Framing of Futures, Improving those aspects of our support services to realise this aspiration and vision.

Our Shared Identity Launch

  • The Shared Identity project is being launched on the 16th of September. This project brings the story of Macquarie to life like never before, with a new outlook for our brand.

August Strategic Initiative Update, Beyond the status quo: embracing boldness and change

  • Find out more about the implementation of Our University: A Framing of Futures in the August update.

Why, what, and how do we teach?

  • Professor Sherman Young, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning, Teaching and Diversity) continues the University's conversation around the development of a Learning and Teaching strategy in the lead up to Learning and Teaching Week.

July 2014

Budget, forecast and report product launched

  • New 'Foresight' budgeting and forecasting system now online as part of the implementation of Our University: A Framing of Futures, supporting Strategic Priority 7

Coursework applications get Lean

June 2014

Campus investment ramps up

  • Find out about the continued investment into the development of Macquarie's vibrant and sustainable campus.

50 years young and looking Lean

  • View the presentation from Mark Robinson, from University of St Andrews in Scotland regarding the implementation of Lean's principles across the university and find out more about Macquarie's use of Lean.

April 2014

Celebrating Learning & Teaching: Less is More

  • A call for Proposals and Reviewers to contribute to Macquarie's Learning and Teaching Week, to be held from Monday 22 - Thursday 25 of September, 2014.

February 2014

February Strategic Initiative Update

  • Find out more about the progress on the implementation of Our University: A Framing of Futures in the February update.


December 2013

Framing of Futures initiatives announced

  • See here to read the announcement of the first 17 Framing of Futures initiatives.

Professional Development Review (PDR) update

  • Key improvements have been made to the Professional Development Review system, for quicker, easier use. This project is aligned with Strategic Priority 7 of Our University: A Framing of Futures, Improving those aspects of our support services to realise this aspiration and vision.

September 2013

Contemplating the future of Research at Macquarie

  • See here for the announcement of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Sakkie Pretorius' embarkment upon a process to develop a strategic framework to contribute to the achievement of the Vice-Chancellor's vision over the coming years, voiced in the Our University: A Framing of Futures strategy.

A brand refresh and website renewal

  • See the above link to read the initial announcement of the review of the University's brand and significant overhaul of the Macquarie University website.

August 2013

Strategic Framework Launch

  • Please follow the above news item to download the Our University: A Framing of Futures strategic framework.

June 2013

Our University: Framing of Futures Green Paper released

  • The announcement of the first major document from the strategic planning process, and an invitation to partake in the further consultation process.

February 2013

Our University: Framing of Futures announcement

  • Please see the above link for the initial announcement of the Our University - A Framing of Futures major planning process.

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