Respect. Now. Always. Workshops

Respect. Now. Always. Workshops

Why Respect. Now. Always. matters

Education for violence prevention

Sexual assault and sexual harassment are against the law. There is zero tolerance for sexual assault and sexual harassment at Macquarie.

We're dedicated to educating students and staff about respectful relationships and communities, consent, sexual ethics, and how to take action in response to difficult situations. This helps to ensure that we can all operate, socialise, and grow in an environment free of the risk of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Now is the time. Macquarie is the place.

Consent Matters!

Macquarie is implementing the Consent Matters online course. Consent Matters covers topics about communication and relationships, such as consent in sexual relationships, as well as how to take action if you witness something difficult happening on campus.

NOTE: All students at Macquarie are required to complete Consent Matters online via iLearn by the end of Session 2, 2019.


In Session 2, 2019, the Respect. Now. Always. team is offering a range of different workshops to student leaders and the wider Macquarie student community - have a look below for more info and links to register!

1. Bystander intervention: Helping friends out in difficult situations

How long is the workshop?1 hour 30 minutes
What is the workshop all about?When we see a difficult situation on- or off-campus, it can be hard to step in and do something about it. Despite how hard it is, we can also feel more of an urgent need to step in if it involves someone that we know and care about. This workshop will help you develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to safely step in and take action to help someone out in a difficult situation.
TimeDateLocationBook a spot

2. Responding to disclosures and referring to support

How long is the workshop?1 hour 30 minutes
What is the workshop all about?When someone that we know discloses an experience of harassment, discrimination, or violence, it can be hard to know how to respond and what to do. This workshop will give you some tips to help.
TimeDateLocationBook a spot
10:00am-11:30amWednesday 18 September 2019Meeting Room 218, 10 Hadenfeld AvenueBook

3. Sexual and gender-based violence 101

How long is the workshop?2 hours
What is the workshop all about?Sexual and gender-based violence is an issue in our communities and societies that can affect us all. This workshop focuses on the current statistics pertaining to sexual and gender-based violence, the factors that determine the likelihood of this violence occurring, and the impact of this violence on the lives of survivors and the people they know. It's designed to be a foundational call to action for all of us - understanding sexual and gender-based violence is an important first step towards taking action to create a safer, healthier world for all of us.
TimeDateLocationBook a spot
10:00am-12:00pmThursday 19 September 2019Meeting Room 218, 10 Hadenfeld AvenueBook
1:00pm-3:00pmWednesday 25 September 2019Meeting Room 246, 10 Hadenfeld AvenueBook

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