Students first

Students first

Putting our students' engagement and success at the forefront of everything we do.


We will strengthen our commitment to explicitly focus on our current and future students – their education and their success. Achieving this goal means we will use recently developed frameworks and plans to drive an excellent experience and outcomes in every dimension of students’ interactions with the University.

Every decision regarding education and student experience will first consider the perspective of students and their success. This means that to foster our students’ academic achievement and success, we will prioritise and balance the size and composition of our student body, our coursework suite, our support of students’ learning and overall experience, our research capabilities, our higher degree research (HDR) program and our resources.

Key themes from University engagement

  • Student experience

    Renewal of the student experience with good design principles across education and services, and modernised approaches that blend digital and on campus – focus on employability and outcomes

  • Simplification

    Simplify organisational structures to significantly improve staff development, align workforce profile and uplift capabilities

  • Study plans and support

    Simple study plans for students, named progression support

  • HDR students

    Improve the HDR program, services and administration - improve external income to support more scholarships

  • Innovative learning & teaching

    Innovative, digitally enabled learning and teaching, modernised assessment

  • Renew and modernise

    Renewal and modernisation of services and systems to support the student experience

  • Coursework suite design

    Simpler coursework suite with course and major level design, centred on employability and student needs

  • Connectedness to a world outside MQ

    Engage with alumni, industry and partners to support employability, student experience and course design

2020 program elements

  • Learning and teaching renewal, incorporating innovative models for onshore and offshore delivery
  • Defined and empowered role of course directors aligned with faculties’ shared governance and leadership
  • Student success through local and global engagement, partnership with students, and enhanced wellbeing and support
  • Employability strategy

Post Covid-19 capabilities

  • Digital learning, teaching, assessment & feedback – transition from remote learning crisis response to sustainable quality provision; implement learning analytics
  • Digital support for success, engagement, wellbeing and support services transition from remote support crisis response to sustainable quality provision under appropriate tiers
  • Onboarding, retention and satisfaction for students
  • Post COVID-19 employability strategy – plan in place for every student

By 2024 we will have

2024 results


Scorecard KPIs

  • Achieved above to well above national average outcomes for measures of student experience, retention, success and employment outcomes at both University and discipline level, and established a pattern of improvement each year
  • Delivered University-wide infrastructure to support a culture of service through student communications, engagement, service delivery and advice
  • Developed a comprehensive employability strategy with demonstrated effectiveness for graduates
  • Attracted >75% of companies/ organisations within MPID as formal partners of the University, which host students on formal work-integrated learning placements
  • Achieved high levels of engagement with tools and services designed to promote wellbeing and resilience
  • QILT
  • ISB
  • Internal lead indicators
  • Student satisfaction
  • Progression, retention and completion


  • At University level and study area level
  • Student experience
  • Graduate employment
  • Graduate satisfaction
  • Employer satisfaction


  • Our rank against other Australian universities within ISB

Student Satisfaction

  • Skills Development Score
  • Learner Engagement Score
  • % Student Satisfaction   (LEU Survey)

Graduate Employment

  • % Full Time Employment

Participation and Success

  • % Success Rate
  • % Retention Rate
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