Our people

Our people

Supporting and developing our staff to achieve our aspirations in education and research, ensuring student success.


Our people are key to the University’s success. We will recruit, retain and develop the highest-performing academic and professional staff, and nurture them to seize opportunities and meet the challenges of our changing world. We will define the optimum academic profile for disciplines across the University to ensure that we excel in our dual mission of learning and teaching, and research. In achieving these goals, we will align our staff profile with our strategic priorities and aspirations, and evolve our work culture with a heightened emphasis on performance, professional development and adaptability – as we serve and engage all our stakeholders.

Key themes from University engagement

  • Simplify structure and develop people

    Simplify organisational structures to significantly improve staff development, align workforce profile and uplift capabilities

  • People, culture & communication

    People and culture program with improvement to internal communications

  • Develop the critical role of Course Director

    Simpler coursework suite with course and major level design, centred on employability and student needs

2020 program elements

  • Academic workforce strategy, implemented through simplified structures, workforce profile and job families
  • Academic Leadership model, including course directors
  • People and culture program
  • Staff development program including potential retraining initiative (PST, Academic Staff Development)

Post Covid-19 capabilities

  • Building on success of adaptation to COVID-19 and engagement in operating plan to introduce a narrative of an adaptable resilient organisation
  • Significant uplift in digital skills and in openness to a new organisational and operating model

By 2024 we will have

2024 results


Scorecard KPIs

  • A mature model of academic workforce development, to support academics at Macquarie to achieve our aspirations in education and student success
  • Better career pathways for professional staff, with clearer and more standardised roles, and increased opportunity for mobility
  • A more balanced representation of staff across academic disciplines and job families, aligned with our learning and teaching, research and engagement strategies
  • Progress of actual workforce profile against target workforce profile
  • Promotion and retention figures
  • Staff/student ratios
  • Rankings
  • Staff survey results
  • Professional staff mobility rates

Diversity and Sustainability

  • % of Female Leadership
  • % of Indigenous staff
  • % of Internal New Hires
  • % Voluntary Attrition
  • % New Starter Voluntary Attrition
  • % of staff satisfaction
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