Focused investment in research

Focused investment in research

Strategically investing in research to maximise funding opportunities and enhance our rankings.


We will focus investment in defined areas of strategic research and research training – based on excellence (existing or emerging), performance and growth – aligned with our 10-year Strategic Research Framework. We will accelerate growth and diversification in sources of external income to support our research mission.

Reputation and renown for the University, as measured through the University’s rankings strategy, will be significantly drawn from a focus on quality, excellence and impact of our research.

Key themes from University engagement

  • Diversify and grow income & partnership

    Strategic approach to growth and diversification of income and partnership

  • Evolve the HDR program

    Continue to evolve and improve the HDR program, services and administration - improve external income to support more scholarships

  • Strategic investment for outputs

    Tough strategic decisions on University investment in areas of research, with strong accountability for quality, productivity and outcomes

  • Multidisciplinary research

    Strategic approach to multidisciplinary research, building on potential of research activity across disciplinary and organisational boundaries

  • Research outputs – promotion and publications

    Enhanced publication and greater promotion of our research output

  • Shared research facilities

    Improve research facilities through economies of scale at the whole of institution level

2020 program elements

  • Identify areas for prioritised research investment of University resources
  • HDR - renewal of administration and student lifecycle, along with improved training and support for students and their future success
  • Refinement of criteria for HDR scholarship allocation from University resources
  • Diversification and growth of income for research
  • Refinement of BPhil and MRes1 offerings with emphasis on quality and suitability for digital and blended delivery

Post Covid-19 capabilities

  • Smaller, higher quality suite for MRes 1 designed for digital and blended delivery

By 2024 we will have

2024 results


Scorecard KPIs

  • Delivered the refreshed Strategic Research Framework
  • Improved upon the results of ERA and EI 2018
  • Achieved a rating of world class or above for all fields of research (FoR)
  • Achieved a sustainable ranking in the top 200 and be on a trajectory to be ranked among the top 150 universities in the world
  • Achieved a step change in the diversification of sources of research income including from external partnerships
  • Multidisciplinary research - support large-scale, cross-faculty research focused on strategically important areas and funding opportunities
  • Improved access to, and quality of, shared research facilities and infrastructure with a focus on providing institution-level facilities
  • Increased external support for HDR program
  • External Research Income
  • HERDC (Categories 1-4)
  • Other (e.g. RBG, NCRIS)
  • HDR completions
  • % academic staff type (eg research only, teaching and research, teaching and leadership, technical/industry/commercial) across and between disciplines
  • University rankings (institutional and in key disciplines):
    • ARWU, THE, QS, USNews
  • Selected discipline ranking:
    • ARWU, THE, QS, USNews
  • Strategic hires
  • Number and scale of external partnerships supporting research

External Research Income

  • HERDC (Categories 1-4)
  • Other (e.g. RBG, NCRIS)

Ranking - University Ranking (QS / THE / ARWU) (TBC)

  • Discipline Ranking (QS / THE / ARWU) (TBC)
  • # strategic hires

Research publication quality

  • % of MQ publications in top 10% of highly cited papers in the world
  • Average Research Citation Index

Higher Degree Research Education

  • # of HDR Completion
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