Coursework suite and delivery

Coursework suite and delivery

Transitioning to a coursework suite that meets the needs of our students, employers and the University.


We will extend our work on the renewed curriculum architecture to enhance the attractiveness and sustainability of our coursework suite and its delivery. Macquarie needs a more efficient, focused and sustainable, and better targeted suite of courses for the future. Our focus will be on achieving student success and on providing exceptional quality in our courses, teaching and student engagement. To support this, we will match our modes of engagement with the needs and expectations of contemporary students.

Key themes from University engagement

  • Simplification and focus on courses

    Simpler coursework suite with course and major level design, centred on employability and student needs

  • Innovation and digital integration

    Innovative, digitally enabled learning and teaching, and modernised assessment

  • Study plans and support

    Simple study plans for students, named progression support

2020 program elements

  • Coursework simplification informed by employer and market insights
  • Digital learning and teaching strategy
    • including learning analytics
  • Clear plans and pathways to support each and every student for success

Post Covid-19 capabilities

  • Smaller, higher quality suite designed for digital and blended delivery
  • Quality assurance capabilities for digital and partnership based delivery
  • Focus on student outcomes at whole of student and whole of course level
  • Post COVID-19 employability outcomes in every course

By 2024 we will have

2024 results


Scorecard KPIs

  • A rationalised and streamlined suite of courses and units made up of a set of offerings that   respond to clear demand from students and employers, which are viable and sustainable both financially and organisationally
  • A coursework suite that creatively meets the needs of modern students, including flexibility, pedagogy, modes of delivery and timetabling
  • Enhanced our capability to address and realise new future-focused opportunities, and adapted our existing coursework suite to respond to new needs and opportunities
  • A consistent emphasis on courses and not on units
  • Load
  • Revenue
  • Margin
  • Demand (applications, preferences, YoY change – benchmarked to competitors)
  • Student satisfaction and success
  • Load, revenue and margin – domestic, international, pathway

Load and Revenue

  • # Total Load
  • $ Teaching Revenue
  • % of Units available Online
  • % of online enrolments
  • Teaching Quality Score (LEU Survey)
  • % of Courses with a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) component
  • # of new short courses offered
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