Engage with Walanga Muru

Engage with Walanga Muru

Walanga Muru, Macquarie University's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student engagement and strategy office

Walanga Muru provides opportunities for Aboriginal students and staff at Macquarie. Through a holistic, strategic approach, Walanga Muru aims to assist the Aboriginal leaders of the future in their tertiary education journey. The language name of our office, Walanga Muru, 'follow your path' reminds us of the pathways we each take in life and the role of strategy to support our Communities to follow their pathways and realise their potential. 

Walanga Muru has developed a comprehensive framework for the support and progression of Aboriginal students at Macquarie. Walanga Muru believe that the future leaders of tomorrow should be supported in a holistic and culturally safe environment that promotes Aboriginal success through tertiary education.

Meet the team


Dr Leanne Holt
321 W3A, (02) 9850 8634

Student Engagement Team 

Emily Sutton
Team Leader Student Engagement
W3A 309, (02) 9850 4209

Derek Kinchela

Academic Engagement Coordinator (Faculty of Human Sciences, Engineering and Medicine)
W3A 307, (02) 9850 8616

Josh Brown
Academic Engagement Coordinator (Faculty of Arts and Business and Economics)
W3A 309, (02) 9850 9973

Indigenous Strategy Team 

Alex Swain
Team Leader Indigenous Strategy
W3A 317, (02) 9850 6794

Jennifer Gili
Project Coordinator
W3A 318, (02) 9850 8671

Shantell Bailey
Project Administrator for Indigenous Strategy
W3A 306, (02) 9850 6887

Eliza Kitchener
Cadet and Social Media Coordinator

Todd Philips
Corporate Engagement Officer
W3A 315, (02) 9850 7797

Phil Duncan
Aboriginal Cultural Training Coordinator
W3A 314, (02) 9850 6884

Dorothy Smith  

Project Assistant  

Raelee Lancaster
Research Assistant

Liza Maree Syron
Indigenous Research Coordinator

Recruitment and Outreach Team 

Amelia Corr
Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator
W3A 324, (02) 9850 8624

Taylah Pearce
Recruitment and Outreach Officer and Social Media
W3A 323, (02) 9850 8631

Cultural Advisor
Aunty Sue Pinckham
Cultural Advisor
308 W3A, (02) 9850 8653

Find us

Building W3A, Level 3
Macquarie University
North Ryde NSW 2109
T: (02) 9850 4209
E: emily.sutton@mq.edu.au

Social Media 

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