Engage with Walanga Muru

Engage with Walanga Muru


About Walanga Muru

Walanga Muru means ‘follow your path’ in the language of the local Darug People and is responsible for a whole of university approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander success through the following strategic initiatives:

  • Baduwa (Aspire) – Unlocking the capacity and building the aspirations of Indigenous students and staff through increased access to and opportunity, for tertiary education.
  • Manawari (Discover) – Developing cultural capability and discovering new and innovative ways of embedding Indigenous knowledges and perspectives into curriculum to support Indigenous students and staff in the discovery of new paradigms.
  • Djurali (Evolve) – Empowering Indigenous students and staff to evolve, to be responsive to change and to embrace the entire world, stimulating progress.

Wallumai, the Black Snapper fish, a totem gifted to Walanga Muru by the Darug Community.

"The Wallumai is a shy but clever fish, who uses the shadows and patterns created by the mangroves to protect the younger fish. The mangroves are their nursery, their school and their home. The mangroves represent life - the obstacles and tangles that we need to navigate. Once we learn the right path to take, we are safe in that knowledge and in our lives. At Walanga Muru, we seek to assist our students and staff to navigate the obstacles and tangles of life, to emerge as strong, resilient leaders for the future." – Auntie Kerrie Kenton

Walanga Muru is an intellectually engaging environment that is guided by Aboriginal values, perspectives and knowledges that contribute to a culturally affirming space within the University. These values being: Self-determination; Reciprocity; Respect; Cultural Integrity

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