Central Courtyard

Central Courtyard

Central Courtyard

When complete, the new Central Courtyard and area around it will once again provide an important heart of the campus and prepare us for the next 50 years of our growth.

Populated by a selection of mixed native evergreen and deciduous tree species, with some non-native species lining the surrounding pedestrian thoroughfares, the tree-space will play an important role in the Central Courtyard.

In addition to the updated tree-scape, the University is building new state-of-the-art facilities for staff and students to enjoy well into the future. Designed by leading design studio Architectus, the new buildings will serve a variety of functions, delivering new social and educational infrastructure at the very heart of the campus.

Existing structures will be redeveloped to be lighter and brighter than their predecessors, creating a new vibrancy and dynamism for all to enjoy. There will also be new on-campus accommodation for students.

Project timeline

The first stages of the Central Courtyard project are currently scheduled to be completed in 2020.

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