Macquarie Undergraduate Research Internship (MURI)

Macquarie Undergraduate Research Internship (MURI)

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Student focused mentoring

MURI is a program offering domestic undergraduate research interns, from disadvantaged and or underrepresented equity backgrounds, a paid opportunity to participate in a highly sought-after research program. The internship runs for 6-7 months in which time students are paired with an academic sponsor, attend workshops run by the MURI team and conduct a research project. Academics sponsor the project and mentor the interns to build appropriate research and professional skills that allow them to increase their confidence, network and readiness as researchers.

“MURI was an avenue for me to pursue my interest in research, (it) took me to an international conference, and helped me pursue further academic study! Every year I recommend the program to all my friends on campus.” – MURIntern (2016).

The MURI program is a student driven and led initiative funded by the Australian Government’s Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP). MURI began in 2013, evolving from what had been the Equity Research Internship (ERI), led by the First Year Experience Unit.

In the past 5 years the MURI program has expanded significantly, engaging many research interns and academic mentors. Former MURI interns have successfully showcased their research at international conferences, as well as been offered further research opportunities and or careers in their chosen fields. Most interns remain close to the MURI team and their academics after completing the program and some are offered opportunities to work as a MURI staff member.

Academic Sponsors - Mentors

Are you interested in participating in the MURI program as an academic sponsor and mentor?

The MURI program seeks academics to engage in the program each year. The role of the academic is to sponsor the research project developed by an intern, and to mentor and guide them through the process by engaging in regular face to face meetings. Meetings are arranged and structured by mutual agreement between academics and mentors during semester.

Academics actively guide interns during the research project, and connect or introduce them to a network of research professionals. Academics are encouraged to nominate a research project for interns to undertake, and this is proposed to prospective interns prior to pairing. However most interns propose and develop their own research projects.

We do hope you will consider this opportunity, and feel free to circulate this invitation among your colleagues.

If you would like to express your interest to join the MURI program as a volunteer academic mentor, or have further questions relating to the program, please email

MURI Research Interns

Are you a domestic undergraduate research student interested in participating in a paid internship in the MURI program?

The MURI project is an outstanding opportunity to expand, develop and showcase your research skills, whilst receive on-going personalised mentoring from an academic sponsor.

MURI was a great learning experience and was more focused on me developing my skills rather than me doing some boring grunt work.” – MURIntern (2013)

The MURI program runs each year for 6-7 months and involves:

  • proposing or selecting a research project to develop,
  • pairing with an academic sponsor and agreeing to meet regularly by mutual consent to build a professional mentoring relationship,
  • attending weekly group sessions during semester, run by the MURI team, to build professional research and industry networking skills as well as research communication.

Research interns may devise their own research project to work on with the guidance of an academic sponsor OR are open to apply to undertake a pre-existing sponsor led project.

My internship…allowed me to converse with my professors about research at a greater level and has helped me understand a lot more about their research.” – MURIntern (2012)

Nearing the end of the program interns showcase their projects at two annual MURI conferences, the 1 Minute Thesis (#MURI1MT) and the Poster Conference.

As part of the program, interns are expected to:

  • Complete 5-10hr/wk research in session (and 10-15 hr/wk during break),
  • Attend all weekly MURI workshops and complete all activities
  • Participate in both MURI Conferences (1MT, Poster Competition),
Intern Eligibility Criteria:

To participate in the MURI program you must be a DOMESTIC UNDERGRADUATE student currently undertaking studies at Macquarie University.

As MURI if funded by HEPPP and is designed to provide a paid internship opportunity for underrepresented and or disadvantaged students, you must also be from one or more of the following backgrounds:

  • Low socio-economic or financial hardship
  • Non-English speaking
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • Regional or remote
  • Disability (Mental or Physical)
  • Humanitarian or asylum seeker background

Further Information about MURI

If you are interested in participating the MURI program, as either an academic sponsor/mentor or as a research intern; or would like further information about the program, please contact us via email:
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