The Sweetest Memory

The Sweetest Memory

The Sweetest Memory Cookbook

Everyone has a story, everyone has a recipe and everyone has a sweet memory to share.

The Widening Participation Unit warmly invites you to experience The Sweetest Memory - a sweet spot in the heart and soul.

Committed to Inclusiveness

The University is committed to inclusiveness and the development of a “culture of caring for the wellbeing of all members of the community.” (Priority 3: Aligning the nature and size of the University for the future)

Solidarity, Tolerance, Respect

In 2016 the United Nations launched #WithRefugees to raise awareness of the courage, resilience and positive contributions people who are forced to seek refuge in new communities and countries make. #WithRefugees also seeks to encourage solidarity, tolerance and respect for all people seeking safety.

Supporting Opportunity and Awareness

The Widening Participation Unit (WPU) works closely with students that are underrepresented and disadvantaged by many and varied challenges; including students from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds.

Through The Sweetest Memory, WPU aims to support and engage our students, while also inspire a higher level of cultural awareness, compassion and connectedness among our community, for students who have journeyed in search of safety.

All funds raised through the sale of The Sweetest Memory cookbook will go toward grants that support the financial hardship experienced by students studying at Macquarie University who are of refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds.

Compassion becomes real when we recognise our shared humanity - Pema Chodra

Support our students from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds by purchasing a copy of The Sweetest Memory Cookbook below.

NB - Books are now available for immediate collection/internal MQ delivery/postage 

Our Community

The Sweetest Memory has brought together our community of students, academics, professionals and external partners. Collectively, they have generously shared their time, sweets and memories to help spread the message of our universal connectedness.

A special thank you to our contributors Professor S Bruce Dowton, Professor Sean Brawley, Professor Sherman Young, Associate Professor Munjed Al Muderis, Hayatullah Akbari, Asaad Alshekhly, Eias Al Humdan, Sophia Amini, Roxana Ateyeh, Samad-Ademola Bello, Lena Corzo Neisser, Udhara De Silva, Julie Doherty, Tasia Doukakis, Saya Hussain, Prashan Karunaratne, Maisoun Khalil, Subhash Koirala, Housien Koussan, Carolina Morison, Zobia Shahid, Sonal Singh, Ajies Sivashanmuganathan and John Tran for kindly and generously sharing their recipes and sweetest memories.

The Sweetest Memory cookbook has been realised through the generosity of our collaborators. We are grateful for their support and ongoing passion to deliver our vision. 

We especially thank :
Housien Koussan, Head Chef, Campus Services Food and Beverage Manager, Staff Café
Ameya Shirodkar, Chef, Campus Services, Staff Café
Tasia Doukakis, Founder, Cult Eatery
Michael Garganera, Educational Media Producer, Learning Innovation Hub
Michael Catabay, Educational Media Producer, Learning Innovation Hub

Creative Team
The WPU contracted Nomads Bazaar to creatively translate our vision. Students from the Faculty of Arts were also engaged as part of the Nomads Bazaar team to create a short film.

We especially thank the following students :
Fern Mei Sim
Meret Hassanen
Ashkan Suren
Jordan Vanezis
Nishorgo Eve

Thank you to our networks of teams across the University whose ongoing support is invaluable to delivering WPU initiatives.

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