LEAP - Environmental Science Curriculum Enrichment Program (Broken Hill)

LEAP - Environmental Science Curriculum Enrichment Program (Broken Hill)

Macquarie University is offering a new program to provide high school students in rural areas with the opportunity to work in partnership with academic staff and students from the University on an environmental science curriculum enrichment program relevant to their local area.

Environmental Science CurriculumThe LEAP-Environmental Science Curriculum Enrichment Program (Broken Hill) supports high school students to engage in school life, progress well in their studies and plan their transition to further education by developing:

  • study and research skills, relevant to the NSW High School science curriculum
  • appreciation of the relevance of science to their local environment
  • awareness of university culture in Australia
  • confidence and social capital

More specifically, students learn how to:

  • read and interpret the landscape
  • comply with OH&S, quality assurance etc.
  • sample soil, dust and water
  • prepare samples for laboratory analysis
  • interpret data from the field investigation

The Project Leader is Professor Mark Patrick Taylor from the Department of Environmental Sciences at Macquarie University. Professor Taylor has a distinguished record in scientific research, teaching, project management and design.

Environmental science curriculumThe University students are in the third year of their undergraduate studies in Environmental Science, and participation in the LEAP program will count towards their final degree. Both University and High School students will benefit from their interaction: the University students gaining valuable insights into the local environment, and the High School students learning more about the life of students in further education.

The LEAP - Environmental Science Curriculum Enrichment Program (Broken Hill) is open to students in Years 9-12. They should have aspirations for further study, though not necessarily the skills to achieve university entrance directly from school

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