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LEAP Pasifika

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About LEAP Pasifika

Our nearest South Pacific Ocean neighbours are often underrepresented in the national, as well as international context. Within the University community, there is a growing number of students who identify as belonging to a South Pacific Island culture.

LEAP Pasifika is a medium through which students who identify as being of South Pacific (Pasifika and or Māori) cultural backgrounds, can connect, celebrate and share an awareness of their heritage within the broader University community.

As a community collective, LEAP Pasifika aims to:

Engage students who identify as being of Pasifika and or Māori cultural backgrounds

  • Help foster a sense of connection with and belonging to a dedicated community within the University, and by doing so, foster closer peer, social and academic participation
  • Empower students to feel a sense of connection and pride that enriches their student learning experience
  • Help build awareness and appreciation across the University of the unique and diverse Pasifika and Māori cultural perspective
  • Build foundations for students to develop lasting peer and alumni connections
  • Build interest among the community of Pasifika students to develop an outreach mentoring program that engages primary and or secondary aged students of Pasifika and or Māori backgrounds

Connect with us on Facebook via Pasifika Student Family @ MQ or via our WP team at wpu@mq.edu.au

Pacific Research Stream

The MQ Pacific Research Stream is led by Dr Kate Fullagar and Dr Denis Crowdy.

Pacific Researchers at MQ focus on social, political, linguistic, environmental, and cultural topics related to the Pacific in both contemporary and historical frames. For more information, click here.

See below for two upcoming workshops in 2019. These workshops are open for anybody who may be interested to attend.

Pacific Research Stream Upcoming Workshops

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