Skills and education

Skills and education

Skills and education

One of the most effective ways for businesses and government agencies to improve cyber security is to increase the awareness and skills of leaders, managers and employees.

Consider this: 90 per cent of IT leaders say our workforce does not have the skills to deal with cyber security effectively. Between 40 per cent and 60 per cent of all cyber breaches are due to human factors.

Short courses for business

The Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub can work with your organisation to address this. We offer a program of professional short courses that are tailored to meet the needs of your executive teams, technical staff and all other employees.

We offer the following standard suite of courses:

  • a half-day seminar for senior leaders focusing on cyber governance
  • a full-day workshop for senior management to understand key practices in cross-business coordination for effective cyber security
  • a full-day course reviewing legal, governance and risk aspects of cyber security management
  • three-day courses for IT and security teams to update technical approaches and dive into cloud computing, SDN, IoT, cryptography, machine learning and more.
  • a half-day foundational course to develop personal and organisational practice in cyber security.

We can also develop a customised program of short courses to address more specific organisational learning and development needs.

If you would like to know more about how your organisation can benefit from our executive and professional short courses in cyber security, please contact or fill out our contact form.

Recruiting cyber talent

We know there is significant and competing demand to recruit the best talent in cyber security. The Cyber Security Hub provides a range of ways that businesses can connect with and recruit talent. This includes:

  • participation in a range of recruitment events held throughout the year
  • coordination of a team-based student projects working on a challenge, directly for your business
  • developing an internship program that promotes paid internships for the top 10 per cent of our student base
  • developing a work placement and graduate recruitment program to create better pathways for graduates into your workforce
  • creating a company-named scholarship or award prizes that will connect with winning talent, as well as raise your profile within the student and research community
  • backing deeper knowledge, insight and technical skills that are acutely targeted to your business need via sponsorship of Master of Research and PhD placements, co-supervised by the University and an expert from within your business.

Degrees in cyber security

There is already a high demand for graduates in cyber security. This is predicted to grow rapidly. Job opportunities for graduates are excellent in a field with often challenging and exciting work and very attractive salaries.

We offer the following degrees in cyber security, which benefit from the cross-disciplinary approach to cyber security promoted by the Cyber Security Hub and the partnerships we forge with industry.

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