Research and innovation

Research and innovation

Research and innovation

The Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub draws on the expertise of 30 researchers in the fields of computing, business, criminology, law and psychology. This research community, which continues to expand, brings together insight and diverse knowledge to tackle the grand challenges in cyber security.

The Cyber Security Hub also draws on links with other leading research and innovation centres locally and internationally. This includes Data61, Macquarie Park Innovation District, University of New South Wales, La Trobe University, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and Be’er Sheva Advanced Technologies Park in Israel.

There is a major opportunity to collaborate with government and industry to translate this expertise and insight into social and economic benefits.

Research and innovation themes

The Cyber Security Hub exists to help promote greater cross-disciplinary approaches and cross-sector collaboration to underpin and expand on the University’s leading research in cyber security. As it grows, so too will our research and innovation priorities. They currently include:

Secure systems and software

How can we build computer systems that are more reliable and less susceptible to cyber harm? This is a problem of computer science, in terms of selecting suitable hardware, programming constructs, data structures and paradigms, as well as of engineering with regard to processes and techniques, standards and methodologies. Our researchers are active in developing and applying techniques that lead to more cyber-stable foundations for our systems.

Risk management and modelling

Business leaders face a significant challenge in properly assessing the risks, probabilities, costs and mitigation of cyber harm. Assessing the cost of cyber breaches is a tough task for business leaders and insurers alike. There is a need for a cyber-risk modelling tool akin to those used to assess financial exposures.


Security of information is vital to the reputation and client trust in organisations in the private and public sectors. However, privacy concerns should not be a block on innovation or in harnessing the potential of big data. A cross-disciplinary approach that includes experts in technology, the law and business will address these concerns.

Fraud and forensics

Through collaboration between government, enforcement agencies, the private sector and our researchers, we aim to increase and improve analysis, insight and applications in cyber security, crime and forensics. Our research draws on technological, organisational and policy-making perspectives.

If you are interested in accessing our research in these areas, or collaborating with us, please contact or fill out our contact form.

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