Business intelligence

Business intelligence

The Analytics team uses Datamart, Macquarie University’s business intelligence product, for data analysis, reporting and collaboration which improves precision, alignment and accuracy. Datamart is used to deliver trustworthy information whenever you want it, however you like it, and wherever you need it.

Datamart presents rich and complex data using simple, graphical dashboards with interactive charts for easy navigation. This allows data and information to be communicated as market and business insights that inform timely and effective decision making.

Datamart allows access to data at micro and macro levels that helps identify areas of University operations, marketing effectiveness and targeting, research performance, and funding allocation that were previously obscured.

Datamart is collaborative by design. With just a click or two you can share a link to a particular view of information in email, through instant messaging or on the web. All you need is a modern browser.

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For data availability, please visit the Datamart wiki page.

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