Strategic planning and BPII

Strategic planning and BPII

We can help you improve processes by identifying key issues, defining the exact nature of a problem, scoping an improvement project, running an improvement workshop and implementing resulting change projects.

  • What's involved

    Since 2014, the Business Process Improvement Initiative (BPII) has taken a structured approach to improving processes.

  • Lean methodology

    Lean methodology is defined as ‘the right people continuously searching for the smoothest and simplest process to meet customer needs’.

  • Current projects

    The current projects we're involved with – some of which can be delivered simultaneously.

  • Completed projects

    Project teams from across the University implement their process improvements. These are some of the projects completed since 2014.

Lean in Higher Education Conference

Following two years of planning, Macquarie University, in partnership with the Lean HE, is proud to host the inaugural Australasian Lean HE Conference in 2017.

Registrations are now open. To register click on register on the right of the conference page

We have received submissions for presentations from experts from around the world. Keynote speakers
and presenters will be announced in June 2017!

For any queries please email

Looking for better ways to do things

At Macquarie, we understand the value of taking the time to work out how we can improve the way we do things. The Macquarie University Business Process Improvement Initiative (BPII) team engages staff in rethinking University processes, to improve their effectiveness and efficiency, for the Macquarie community and to achieve a better student experience. We empower staff and students to be the key drivers in decision making and implementation of process improvements.

Through BPII we’re building a ‘Macquarie Way’ of doing things, designed to improve the quality of our work and the efficiency of our processes. The BPII was formed in response to feedback from the Our University: A Framing of Futures and is designed to deliver the University’s seventh strategic priority so that we can realise our potential and achieve the strategic vision.

BPII work with staff who are involved in an identified process, guiding them through a rapid improvement event (RIE) using a highly structured lean methodology for higher education to identify and rectify issues. BPII also work with staff to identify key issues and provide impartial facilitation, work space organisation techniques and Lean training.

Who can help?

  • Martin Brooks, Manager, Business Process Improvement

Australian Hearing Hub, Level 5
Macquarie University
T: +61 (2) 9850 6104

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