Business Intelligence and Reporting (BIR)

Business Intelligence and Reporting (BIR)

The Office of Business Intelligence and Reporting (BIR) is part of the Vice-President, University Services and Strategy Office.

Our work within the University community revolves around two core functions:

Strategic Planning

We work closely with University executives to support the Vice-Chancellor and his Executive leadership group with strategic planning and business process improvement initiatives that further the University’s efficient operation and outreach. Our office also facilitates the long-term planning cycles for the University's needs.


Our team undertakes the quantitative and qualitative analysis of structured statutory information for management decision making. This analysis derives from the regulatory reporting and surveying required by the government each year, a task for which our team also has primary responsibility.

When the university community requires an actionable insight our team provides the necessary analytics and commentary for interpretation of the relevant statutory datasets. Our team has an intimate knowledge of the source information in our core systems and we use this each year to provide the necessary models to support finance and faculty planning.

With their expertise in business intelligence tools and technology, the team synergise analytics and information technology together, exploring new capabilities that deliver better insights.

Analytics work within the university community to:

  1. Create new actionable insights using new capabilities that assist the organisation to remain at the forefront of academic excellence in Australia
  2. Drive relevant quality, consistency and accessibility of mandatory accredited regulatory reports through consolidation and delivery of online self-service capabilities
  3. Utilise market research, visual and geo-aware analysis to help Macquarie see the world through information

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