Apply for Resident Membership

Apply for Resident Membership

Note all fields are mandatory. If any don't apply to you, or you are not providing an answer, please respond with 'N/A'

Applications will be screened by a panel in accordance with how well they respond to questions in this form.

If successful in this process, the application will be advanced to a panel for consideration. The start-up will be invited to an interview and have 10 minutes to pitch to a panel followed by a Q&A session.

All documents submitted as part of this process are kept completely confidential and are not shared with external sources.

Main Contact for Business
4. Are you a... *
8A. Which Incubation Hub are you applying for? *
Please note it is $40+GST/desk/week
Preference will be given to those who will spend at least 3 full days a week at the Incubator.
Understanding Your Startup
12. Company Type *
If you don't have one, please respond with 'N/A'
15. Where does your business fit? *
Please provide some background as to how you came across your business idea and your connection to the idea / problem you are looking to solve?
This can be a business to business, business to consumer or a two-sided market – please provide details.
We would like to understand the size of the addressable market – what is value is / size of the problem you are looking to solve. Is it Australia focused / are you trying to take it global?
Who do you see as your main competitors in this space – they can be direct or indirect? If there are no competitors please explain why you think there is no-one else in this space.
This is where you get to tell us what your business brings uniquely to the market that no-one else does, or doesn’t do as well. What’s your “secret sauce” without sharing any sensitive information or breaching your IP position.
How will you measure your impact – what does success look like for you?
23. What stage is the startup currently at? *
E.g. newsletter, Google, word of mouth, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

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