Reports and resources

Reports and resources

Reports to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency

In accordance with the requirements of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, Macquarie University lodges its public report with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). All universities are required to submit their reports by 31 July annually. 

The 2014-15 WGEA Report (PDF 551Kb) has been lodged on 30 July 2015. Macquarie University employees are invited to provide comments on the report to the Equity and Diversity Unit by emailing All comments will be treated with confidentiality.  

Previous reporting periods

2013-14 WGEA report (PDF 744Kb)

The 2012-13 WGEA report (PDF 418Kb) includes Macquarie University's statistical profile. The 2012-13 reporting period has reduced reporting requirements due to the transition to the new reporting regime. 

2011-12 EOWA report (PDF 8.63Kb) (Word 1.41Mb)

2010-11 EOWA report 2011 EOWA report (PDF 1.9Mb)

Annual Reports (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion report is included in Macquarie University's Annual Reports prepared for presentation to State Parliament in accordance with the New South Wales Annual Reports (Statutory Bodies) Act 1984 and Public Finance and Audit Act 1983.

This section of the Annual Report includes information on access and inclusion initiatives implemented by the University to support students from equity groups, Indigenous engagement strategies, Multicultural Policies and Services Program and workforce diversity profile.

Conference Papers and Presentations

Making Women Count by Anna King (Macquarie University) and Gabrielle O'Brien (Queensland University of Technology). 2011. Presented to the Equal Opportunity Practitioners in Higher Education (EOPHEA) Conference, Auckland, NZ. Presentation (PDF 197Kb) Inter-institutional Australian Gender Equity Statistics 1996-2010 (PDF 680Kb)

Cultural Diversity and Inclusive Language Resource

Inclusive language is non-discriminatory language that does not exclude or show prejudice toward a particular individual or group. This online resource covers a range of topics on cultural diversity and provides tips on how to communicate in an inclusive and respectful way.  

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