Tenants Help

Tenants Help

Welcome to the Tenants Help Request Page

Need help with something? Use the Tenants Help Request Form.

This page will assist you with concerns surrounding Electrical, Plumbing, Glass Replacement, Locksmith Works, Cleaning, Security. WH&S Concerns and General Fixing.

After submitting a job you will receive a confirmation email from the Infrastructure Support Team. Hold onto this information for reference until your job has been resolved. The following important items are listed within the response email:

Job number / Job description / Time job was logged / Job priority / Expected completion date / Assigned technician.

Contractor Induction Instructions

View the Contractor Induction Instructions.

Shop Fitout Manual

Download the Shop Fitout Manual.

Tenant Operational Guide

The Tenant Operational Guide is designed to assist you in the day-to-day operations of your business and provide you with a source of information about Macquarie University. The guide includes information about food safety, parking on campus, gift vouchers, University dates, SALT program, smoking policy and much more.

Download the Tenant Operational Guide.

Promote Your Offer

Got an offer that students and staff won't be able to refuse? 

Let us know and we can assist with promoting your offer on campus. What are you waiting for? Submit your offer now!

Business Contacts

Name/Position Contact Number
Chris Mackinlay
Asset Manager
02 9850 7138
0413 943 948
Michaela James
Senior Portfolio Partner

02 9850 1054

Dora Zhou
Financial Accountant

02 9850 7731

Property Customer Service

02 9850 7145

Peter Fasogiannis
Business Operations Manager

02 9850 6541

Richard Shen
Stores Manager

02 9850 7704

Security 02 9850 1116
0414 180 925
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