When to use Protocol

When to use Protocol

When to involve the University's Protocol Offices

Every occasion is an opportunity to enhance the University's reputation and create a memorable engagement experience with guests. Macquarie University nurtures partnerships with many sectors, groups and individuals so it is essential that protocol is utilised to foster relationships between all parties and deliver expected event outcomes.

The Events and Protocol team (Domestic Protocol) is responsible for providing protocol support for the Vice-Chancellor and the University Executive Group when they are involved in a University event on campus, the wider Sydney area or interstate.

When inviting external stakeholders to University occasions please consider the guest categories in the table below and advise the relevant Protocol team. Involve these teams as early as possible so they have ample time to provide advice and support. These teams will also ensure that all relevant University areas are advised of the occasion and parties involved.

EXTERNAL Guest categories

Who should be notified?

Domestic external high-profile stakeholders

  • Members of Federal and State Parliament
  • Regal or Vice-Regal guests
  • Australian Vice-Chancellors, Deputy Vice-Chancellors
  • Heads of churches
  • Notable Australian academics
  • Domestic corporate and industry partners eg Chief Executive Officers
  • Prominent alumni, donors and bequestors,
  • Media, and
  • Local figures whose presence could impact the profile of the University.


Domestic Protocol

(Events and Protocol team)

T: (02) 9850 4112 or

(02) 9850 6585

E: events@mq.edu.au

International external high-profile stakeholders

  • International politicians
  • International heads of churches
  • International Vice-Chancellors and Deputy Vice-Chancellors
  • Members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps
  • Notable international academics
  • International corporate and industry partners and
  • International figures whose presence could impact the profile of the University.


International Protocol

(Macquarie International)

T: (02) 9850 1866

E: mi.delegation-protocol@mq.edu.au


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