Our businesses

Our businesses

We are a diversified company, owning and managing several businesses that span the education, training and scientific industries. AccessMQ owns and operates:

Macquarie University English Language Centre (ELC)

Macquarie University English Language Centre has been teaching English on campus for over 25 years, and its primary function is to prepare international students, who have already met the university's academic entry requirements, to meet the English language entry requirement. The ELC offers a wide range of English language programs including General English, Academic English, Study Tours, TESOL Teacher Training, and professional English courses.

Macquarie University IELTS Test Centre

Macquarie University IELTS Test Centre is the largest IELTS Test Centre in Australia. Our goal is to provide IELTS test candidates the skills and knowledge to take the IELTS test with confidence. Our test centre offers the IELTS test as well as a range of IELTS preparation courses and IELTS practice material.

IELTS Online

IELTS Online is a leading online IELTS preparation product carefully designed and developed, using best-practice standards in online teaching and IELTS test preparation. Established in 2005 our goal is to provide IELTS test candidates with the skills and knowledge to take the IELTS exam with confidence. IELTS Online courses have helped more than 25,000 students across 140+ countries to succeed in the IELTS test.


HSCStudyLab is an online HSC preparation and revision tool for high school students. The content of the courses is based on the aims and objectives of the NSW Board of Studies Syllabus, and the writers and presenters are experienced year 11 and 12 teachers and markers of official year 12 exams.

Learning in HSCStudyLab is based around three basic activities:  watching a video lesson, playing an interactive activity, and applying knowledge by answering practise questions. This multifaceted approach helps students understand key concepts, and takes learning beyond the textbook. HSCStudyLab courses are available online 24/7 anytime anywhere.

Junior Science Academy

The Junior Science Academy is a school holiday program to help children develop their understanding of science concepts and knowledge. The courses strive to instil the attitude that science can be pursued by everybody. They aim to de-mystify what science is and encourage children to be pro-active in pursuing scientific knowledge.

A variety of experiences are used within each themed day to teach ideas or phenomena and these include creative arts, physical activities and experiments. The program is designed to suit primary school aged children (7-11 years’ old). 

Australian Proteome Analysis Facility (APAF)

Australian Proteome Analysis Facility (APAF Ltd), was the birthplace of the term proteomics in 1995 and was the world's first dedicated high throughput proteomics laboratory. APAF has over 15 years of experience in providing proteomic services. APAF's mission is to assist the scientific community address their protein analysis needs.

APAF is the world leader in functional proteomics. By adopting a marriage between a technological and biological approach, APAF is able to answer the difficult questions so often posed in biology. APAF offers a full range of services to researchers requiring access to proteomics technology and expertise.

  • Multiplexing assays - Luminex style assays with commercial kits
  • Biomarker Discovery
  • Amino Acid Analysis
  • Free Amino Acid Analysis
  • Amino Thiols
  • N-Terminal Sequencing
  • Chemical Proteomics - What proteins are the small molecules reacting with.
  • co-IP Mass Spectrometry - for isolating and identifying protein complexes
  • Selective reaction Monitoring (SRM), Multiple Reaction Monitoring HR
  • Therapeutic recombinant protein characterisation
  • Protein Arrays
  • Quantitative protein assays using iTRAQ, SILAC etc
  • High abundance protein removal

Australian Proteome Analysis Facility

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