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We focus on driving Macquarie University expertise, research and knowledge into commercial projects that impact government, industry and communities.

We can help you find the expertise you need for a research project, litigation case, or to specially design a tailored education program for your organisation. Our core responsibility is to provide project management services to the university in the areas of bid proposals, contract negotiations and financial management. We are a wholly-owned non-profit subsidiary of Macquarie University.

What we do

We support Macquarie University academics in bringing their expertise to the market. By facilitating the process of engaging in consulting, research or training projects outside the university, academics can focus on their core area of expertise. We work closely and successfully with a range of industries, with federal, state & local governments and NGO's.

Our Goal

Our goal is to lift the profile of commercial research, consulting and collaborations at the University. Funds generated through AccessMQ are fed back into the University to fund further research with Research and Commercial Services revenue contributing more than $10 Million per year.

Macquarie University Research Excellence

Macquarie University of Sydney is a research-intensive university and as such fosters an environment that produces research-intensive initiatives and outcomes for local and global markets.

It is recognised internationally for excellence in research, particularly in laser technology, early childhood education, proteomics, chiropractic and psychology. It is also seen as an international leader in ancient cultures, natural hazards and animal behaviour. The Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) is world-renowned.

Our Services


We act as the commercial and contractual representative of Macquarie University academics when they provide consulting services for NGO's, industry and government.

We can help you with

  • Consulting contracts
  • Project management, tracking and reporting
  • Multiple milestone management
  • High risk projects and high potential liability projects
  • HR support including employment of staff and contractors
  • Finance and marketing support

The demand for Expert Opinion (Expert Witness) services is increasing globally due to an escalation in litigation in all aspects of business. Utilising Macquarie University's vast knowledge pool, AccessMQ can provide specialist academic experts with a diverse range of expertise for litigation and advisory purposes.

Academic consultants from Macquarie University will independently:

  • Establish the facts
  • Prepare an assessment
  • Provide factual evidence
  • Produce an expert report
  • Appear in court to present their findings


Macquarie University is renowned for excellence in interdisciplinary research. 85% of Macquarie University's research activity is regarded by the the Australian Government as being world class standard or higher. In 2013, Macquarie University received the maximum rating of 5 QS Stars in the research category.*

Macquarie University is home to some of the world's most renowned researchers, and leads Australia in a range of research disciplines. You can tap into the following areas of Macquarie University's research excellence through AccessMQ:

  • Advanced Medicine
  • Applied Finance
  • Biomolecular Sciences
  • Cognitive Science
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Environment & Climate Risk
  • Financial Risk
  • Geochemical Analysis
  • International Governance
  • Law
  • Marine Science
  • Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism
  • Proteome Analysis
  • Psychology
  • Special Education

AccessMQ acts as the commercial and contractual representative of Macquarie University academics when engaged research projects for NGO's, industry and government and provides the academics support in the areas of project, contract and finance management allowing them to focus on their core area of expertise.

*The QS Stars rating system is utilised by more than 130 universities in 30 countries.


AccessMQ organises tailored training programs based on the expertise of Macquarie University academics. The training programs are designed and delivered to fit an organisation's needs. We also have the eLearning expertise to provide blended learning or online learning programs. An online learning component can also be included in any face-to-face training program.

AccessMQ regularly delivers training programs in:

  • Professional development
  • English language
  • eLearning
  • Employment skills
  • Tertiary and post-graduate subjects


AccessMQ's eLearning team delivers tailored eLearning solutions designed to meet specific client needs. We can deliver a specific piece of technology or create and integrate an entire blended learning program. We are experts in Moodle Learning Management System as well as WordPress.

We have the expertise to design a learning program that fits the needs and resources of your organisation, whether it is for corporate customers or academic institutions. Our eLearning programs in Moodle can be fully customised with themes that are built in close collaboration with our clients' marketing teams.

We support our clients in the adoption and use of eLearning solutions by working closely with all relevant parties including administrators, academics and executives. We understand the importance of effective project management to the implementation of any new technology initiative, and our team is trained in Prince 2 project management methodology.

Our eLearning services:

  • Consulting
  • Learning Design
  • Theming
  • Training
  • Project Management
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