Office of PVC (Indigenous Strategy)

Office of PVC (Indigenous Strategy)


Walanga Muru, the Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Strategy) is located within the portfolio of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) and is responsible for a whole of university approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander success through the following strategic initiatives:

  • Baduwa (Aspire) – Unlocking the capacity and building the aspirations of Indigenous students and staff through increased access to and opportunity, for tertiary education.
  • Manawari (Discover) – Developing cultural capability and discovering new and innovative ways of embedding Indigenous knowledges and perspectives into curriculum to support Indigenous students and staff in the discovery of new paradigms.
  • Djurali (Evolve) – Empowering Indigenous students and staff to evolve, to be responsive to change and to embrace the entire world, stimulating progress.

Portfolio responsibilities include:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student engagement through best practice models of outreach, recruitment, retention and student success.
  • Embedding Indigenous knowledges and perspectives into core curriculum.
  • Leading initiatives to build the cultural awareness of university staff and students through the Manawari and Baduwa training programs.
  • Building an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce through a sustainable model of access and career development opportunities.
  • Supporting the development of community driven research, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers and recognising the unique perspectives, knowledge production and contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The current Pro Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Strategy) is Dr Leanne Holt.

“On behalf of the Darug people, I welcome you to this Country of the Wattamattagal clan of the Darug Aboriginal nation. Quai bidja, jumna paialla janwai – Come here we speak together.

I pay my respects to the local Aboriginal Elders past and present and to the ancestors of the Land, the knowledge and culture. We welcome people of all nations and faiths.

We celebrate with you our ongoing attachment to and custodianship of this Country. Help us to respect the Aboriginal history and to protect the fragile environment.”

Aunty Julie Janson of the Burruberongal Clan of the Darug nation – Hawksbury River people, New South Wales.

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