Vice Chancellors Message

Vice Chancellors Message

Macquarie University continued to grow and accelerate during 2014.

It was a remarkable year for the University, as we celebrated our golden jubilee, 50 years from the proclamation in the New South Wales Parliament of the Act that formally created Macquarie University.

Anniversaries are not only times for reflection but also for renewal and rebirth, and in 2014 we unveiled a new identity for our University, at once returning us to our roots and propelling us to a bright new future.

The reintroduction of the Macquarie Lighthouse as the symbol of the University was central to the new, vibrant visual identity for our community. It represents not only our past, but our core mission and our hope for the future: to light the way for our students to steer their own course.

Our new identity is just one of the many changes announced last year. In July, we launched the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, and the establishment of Australia’s only Academic Health Sciences Centre, accelerating our quest for distinction at the intersection between medical research, healthcare and higher education.

In November, we welcomed the Australian Institute of Health Innovation into the new faculty after many successful years at the University of New South Wales. The AIHI is one of the world’s leading research centres in healthcare innovation and a major national resource for strengthening health systems, organisations and services.

Following extensive consultation within the University and far beyond, we launched our Strategic Research Framework as the year drew to a close. This document outlines the future of research activity at the University, and focuses on five key areas that will have a profound impact on the world in the future.

Healthy people, resilient societies, prosperous economies, a secure planet and innovative technologies will be at the heart of tomorrow’s world, and our framework outlines the steps we will take to address some of the most pressing issues we will face in the next decade.

Work also began on our Learning and Teaching Plan, to be unveiled in 2015, detailing how we will instill in future generations the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to meet the challenges the world will face after they graduate.

We welcomed new members to our leadership team, and farewelled others over the past 12 months, and across the University we celebrated the successes not only of 2014, but also of our 50-year history. We made new friends and reconnected with those of long standing. We reminisced about our past and, in knowing where we have been, fixed our gaze firmly upon our future.

I commend to you this report, this University, all who have helped us to achieve so much, and all whose time is yet to come.

Professor S Bruce Dowton
Vice-Chancellor and President

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