Project Catalyst to enhance and grow role of our technical team

Project Catalyst to enhance and grow role of our technical team

In November 2018 the Faculty kicked off Project Catalyst—a review looking for ways to enhance and grow the role that our technical team plays in supporting and driving teaching, learning and outreach across FSE.

Project Catalyst workshop

The project is also looking at how to improve career progression opportunities for technical team members.

The Project Catalyst Core Team participated in three full-day workshops in November and December, and interviewed colleagues in a variety of roles across the Faculty to build an understanding of the current structure and how best to improve it.

From this they identified key themes for Project Catalyst to focus on:

  • Resource allocation: Provide capability (equipment and people) across existing teams so that cross disciplinary knowledge is created and high quality research, teaching and commercial services can be done predictably and effectively.
  • Engagement and career: Actively support the careers of technical staff, creating collegiality with faculty and peers across FSE, while providing continuity of service as the Faculty evolves and grows.
  • Safety: Ensure obligations are defined and articulated clearly and consistently to keep people safe in a world where there is a perceived conflict of interest between safety and productivity.

This year we will be running discrete sub-projects to focus on each of these three themes. The first sub-project looking at resource allocation is already underway.

Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Professor Barbara Messerle says she's been encouraged by the new insights and understandings developed through the project already, and looks forward to the final recommendations after these sub-projects are complete.

Published 7 March 2019.

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