Bringing industry into the university

Bringing industry into the university

A new teaching and research lab will bring industrial experience into the university, to better prepare the next generation of engineers.

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The School of Engineering has partnered with semiconductor company Analog Devices, and launched the Macquarie and Analog Devices Teaching and Research Laboratory (MADTRL).

“Traditionally, undergraduate engineering education has been structured around classroom theory, laboratory exercises, and a relatively disconnected industry-placement or internship system,” explains Engineering’s Professor Michael Heimlich.

“Similarly, Masters and PhD work is typically done in an academic setting with inputs and arms-length interactions with the ‘real world’ at best.”

This new lab aims to address this mismatch between existing educational pathways and industry needs, by reversing the tradition of sending students out to industry. Instead industry is being invited into the university.

“Half a dozen or more engineers with industry experience will be embedded within MADTRL, and provide mentoring to dozens of students across the entire degree spectrum,” says Michael.

“And Macquarie University researchers will be providing cutting-edge CAD (computer-aided design), modelling and measurement technology to continually push the circuit design capability forward.”

Analog Devices hope this will help address the current shortage of microwave integrated circuit designers.

MADTRL will be augmented by additional research from other partners and also undertake foundational teaching in electronics, to create a self-sustaining critical mass of university-industry engineering activity.

Photo by Bruce Guenter.

Published 16 May 2018.

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